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Doctor Who: Survival )

All in all, it is a fitting end to the season. It'll be interesting to see where they go after this, in season 27!
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Another good one. It continues Ace's development, here having her spoiler ) Only real weakness in the staging is the fight sequences, which, again, don't really convince. (I'm sure the actual fight choreography isn't worse than it is in a lot of TV these days, but modern TV tends to disguise it by a] sound effects, and b] cutting very rapidly)
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Doctor Who: Ghost Light spoilers )

In summary: Even once I figured out certain basic things, I still don't understand it 1. I like it anyway.

1. I suppose "why are these possibly villainous people continuing to tolerate the presence of the Doctor and his companion?" is not an unusual plot hole in a Doctor Who story, but it seemed more obvious in this one
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I watched "Time and the Rani" back in October 2010, and then halted. No particular reason. Now I have resumed, and have watched "Paradise Towers", being the second episode of season 24 (and the first one that Andrew Cartmel commissioned).

I like it! I can't find anything to be sarcastic about, even. It is a fun little story, and despite being 4 x 25, it doesn't feel particularly padded (although no doubt these days it would be fitted into a very tight 45 minutes). The various different factions are good, and I don't even care that the setup makes no sense at all, because it is entertainingly distracting. It is let down somewhat by the cleaners, and by the large side of ham in episode 4 (although that's fun, too), and the incidental music, but apart from that the production is awesome. Even Mel isn't too bad.
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I've skipped Revelation of the Daleks because I've seen it before.

The Trial of a Timelord is the first time since Mawdryn Undead (I think, there are a few that I've not watched since then), and only the second time in the 1980s that the show has attempted anything other than straightforwardly linear storytelling (not even a character having a flashback!), as the Doctor's trial is interspersed with evidence from three recent adventures. The entire fourteen-episode series makes one long story, with three other stories embedded into it.

The Trial of a Timelord: The Mysterious Planet )
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planet of fire )
I'm going to watch the 4-episode version, with commentary to
see how it compares.
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Warriors of the Deep and Resurrection of the Daleks also 2010 series )

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spoilers: the whispering forest and the king's demons and the five doctors )

I've ordered Warriors of the Deep. I think this is where my
memories kick in, in that I certainly remember the old Silurians when I was little (4 1/2 I must have been). The other very strong memory I have is of carrot juice, so I must have been watching up to the end of s23 (when i was 7). I have no specific recollection of any stuff after that, except
for DiT of course...

A curious one is I remember very dimly K-9 and corridors. I don't even know if I'll know it when I see it. Must have been a repeat...
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terminus and enlightenment spoilers )

I am now listening to "The Whispering Forest", set between these and the next televised story.
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Doctor Who S18/19/20 notes and spoilers )

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Been watching lots of 80s Who lately. Got to Earthshock. It has the worst science fail in any Doctor Who that I've seen. I quote:

fragment of dialog )

i'm sure I knew that there were lots of types in 1982 and I was 3!!!

Number 11

Jan. 2nd, 2009 04:29 pm
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In case anyone hasn't seen it elsewhere David Tennant's replacement has been cast and will be announced tomorrow. It would have been nice to have this kept a secret until the episode in question, but I suppose this was inevitable (especially given the media circus of the previous switchover).

I expect I will be in a pub in Reading at the time. Damn.


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