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So, I've decided what my scheme will be when I finally take the step to become a mad scientist. You are aware of pandas. They're not in a good way. One suggested reason is their metabolism isn't properly adapted to their diet yet (they have carnivorous ancestors only a few million years ago).

So, anyway, my mad scientist plan is to use genetic engineering to restore whatever genes were knocked out in pandas, creating a new race of GM carnivorous pandas. I would then ship them to zoos all over the world where they would frighten small children.

I still haven't decided on what phase 2 is, but I am certain it involves a panda rampage.
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on my way home, i saw the police cordon had been reduced even further, just to the top of haymarket really. eros was inside it. i took some photos of piccadilly circus deserted in the middle of the rush hour; just for the novelty.

to brighton for family wedding this weekend. may be back for pub sunday.
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been for a look: cordon has been reduced a fair bit now in all directions (just the middle part of Coventry Street, Great Windmill Street, and Haymarket itself are sealed off now), and traffic seems to be flowing from Piccadilly to Shaftesbury Avenue. Piccadilly Circus tube re-opened, apparently.

most workdays i would walk past the site where the car was left twice.
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well, um, that was a memorable new years eve, at least. see eldritchreality's post for more details. arseholes.
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wikipedia is a just a load of rubbish

something went bang in Hertfordshire, the other day, as I'm sure you are aware. my colleague who lives in St Albans' children are apparently very disappointed that the fire is out and they have to go back to school.
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When I saw the news that a science lab at the University of Southampton has exploded and was on fire, I must admit I thought "Oh dear. I hope it didn't effect ECS." But no, Mountbatten asplode! I wonder whether giving the building the same name as a chap who was famous for getting blown up was a good idea.
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our London office has been evacuated again. Wonder what's happening this time.
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seems Old Broad Street people are ok.
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Our London office is on Old Broad Street, right next to Liverpool Street station. We know they evacuated... but I don't know where to. They could have gone right onto Houndsditch where the explosion at 10:50 was reported.


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