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Jun. 1st, 2006 09:56 pm
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having fun trying to unpick the web of PR myths and suchforth. )

Of course, some people are decrying her as manufactured evil for even having a manager/PR agency, whilst other people are saying "omg! how dare you accuse her of such things." I think, as with most things in life, the real situation is more complicated, a shade of grey. My best guess is the narrative above, but who knows? My real problem with her is that her song is stupid: purposely so, true, but nontheless.

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wikipedia is a just a load of rubbish

something went bang in Hertfordshire, the other day, as I'm sure you are aware. my colleague who lives in St Albans' children are apparently very disappointed that the fire is out and they have to go back to school.
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i need to know what orders were made under schedule 3, paragraph 1 of 1972 c.70. and also i need a copy of such orders. i already have books on the topic of 1972 c. 70, which don't give leads. any ideas?

(1972 c. 70 = the Local Government ACt 1972. it specified metropolitan counties and their districts and non-metropolitan counties but not their districts buit provides for the secretar of state to make order establishigng the districts in according with the reccomendations of the boundary commission. so the question is whjat is the statutory basis for the actual district boundaries and how they arlate to the previous district boundaries)
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I realised I had the perfect topic to write about on Uncyclopedia (the parody of Wikipedia).

Ladies, gentlemen, and other beings, I present Stamfordshire!.
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I have now written quite a long article about a railway station that doesn't even exist yet. Hurrah.

I progress well. [ profile] drjane came round this evening to lend me the next four Sandmans (Sandmen?).
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If you look at the Wikipedia article on the Reading and Leeds festivals, you will see it has a list of bands. For the ones from 2004 to 1999 I composed these, based on random sources. The lists are rather inconsistent, e.g. for 2001 I list 6 bands, of which the 1st, 3rd and 6th were the actual headliners. For 2004 I list 9 bands, of which the 1st, 4th and 7th bands were the actual headliners.

The Reading Festival program for 2005 has an identical list. With the exact same bands, in the exact same order. The thieves!
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Hooray! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (of which I wrote large chunks), is Today's featured article on Wikipedia's main page.
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back home now. will write long update tomorrow. briefly -
  • wearing steel toe-cap boots through metal detectors is a bad idea
  • apfelwein (frankfurt/hesse cider) is bitter but palatable. for some reason, it is offered diluted as well as neat. when i drank some at the funfair i was mocked as if they could not believe a foreigner would have neat apfelwein. this would make sense except it tastes quite weak.
  • some wikipedians aren't geeks!
  • a crazy man wants to start up sign language wikipedias, featuring video footage of people signing articles. this i think will be very interesting to edit!
  • has a limited life expectancy
  • richard stallman is still mad
  • i should make openid support for mediawiki
  • jimbo can dance.
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hello. i am in frankfurt in germany at wikimania, writing this on my kind icelandic roommates laptop that has punctuation in strange places so you will have to bear with me.

wikimania has been quite fun so far. went to several interesting talks today, particularly the one about wikipedia and the developing world. i have also been drinking german cider (called apfelwein), which is apparently a local specialty.

etc etc. we must arrange something to replace merciless!
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Flying to Frankfurt for Wikimania on Thursday, on BA0904. This will entail leaving the house at 6am on Thursday. Erk. Still need to pack/sort out my E111. And get money.

There are apparently going to be terminals there so will be able to update (and indeed to edit) a bit.
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apparently you can listen to me say a whole sentence now! hurrah.

they used the one about how blogs and wikis are many-to-many communication allowing people to bypass the usual editorial ideas of what's important.

15 minutes

Jul. 7th, 2005 10:01 pm
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because i was the person who started the wikipedia article on the bombings, i am going to be interviewed tomorrow by the US public radio show "The World", apparently also shown on the world service. they are doing a show or piece about just general internet reactions.

the interest is bizarre and a little weird. i was just surprised nobody had kicked it off before me... we didn't make any scoops, although i think at some points we were more up to date than, and also we had better maps than most places.

part of me is wondering don't they have better things to do? like cover the actual news? but i am obviously being a latent media whore, since i agreed.
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Saturday - Wikipedia meet. Good to see people. Got rather too drunk!

Sunday - nothing to report.

Monday - watched the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who. Hurrah!
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Think staying in last night was a good plan - went to bed early and woke up at 11am feeling quite tired anyway. If I'd gone out I would have been bed. Kind of sucks in that it means I won't really be able to be out in Leicester this month at all :(. Next weekend I will be at [ profile] alexa_robinson's housewarming, and the weekend after that I will be going to the London wikipedia meetup.
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So, what a surprise, I didn't keep up editing here. Since my last edit I have turned 24, failed to find a job (yet), visited Berlin, and London, seen Good Bye Lenin at the cinema, and Threads and Bowling for Columbine on DVD. I discovered Wikipedia

This is all.


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