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Had a very entertaining weekend. [ profile] wildeabandon's birthday party on Friday was great and it was nice to meet lots of shiny people. Somehow managed to drag myself out on Saturday evening to get to Vagabonds, which was fantastic, and I will definitely go again. (This is only the 2nd time I have been clubbing this year, which, when you consider that 2 or 3 years ago I seemed to be out most weekends, is not very much. I blame the headaches). Pub Sunday, think I got to bed by 1am.

Who ordered this weather? Can we get them to take it back?


Mar. 26th, 2008 09:23 am
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So, yeah, who forgot to insert the intercalary month last year? Own up! Haven't I told you about that type of thing? Tsk. It builds up and then this type of thing happens:

sight from my bedroom window on Easter Sunday morning. cf snow in february 2005
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someone turned my news story in an audio! hurrah! complete with dodgy cockney accent!
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England shocked by occurrence of summer for 21st year in a row : With temperatures in the mid-30s, the inhabitants of England have been expressing their profound shock at the recent spell of hot weather, which according to Met Office records is part of an annual pattern of hot weather between the more normal English seasons of spring and autumn.
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It snows.
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think the weather is showing off today. rain, snow, gusts, sun and being too hot.
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At work there is now an ongoing air-conditioning fight between people who are cold and people who are hot. This must mean it is summer.

[ profile] milkyeyes visiting tomorrow evening. I wonder if I should let him use the trivia quiz or not. ;)

Got hold of Open Season by British Sea Power on Monday: didn't have their previous album but did have the single Remember Me - new album seems much stronger than that. Also got Why Do You Love Me?, the new Garbage single, which is probably rockier than anything they've done before.
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Last night's snow has settled.

picture )
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I seem to have acquired a quite long random scratch on my arm. Its kind of L-shaped. Most curious.

I'm pleased to say it is no longer bitterly cold in the office - instead it is too hot. Yay.
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There is no way this office is 22ÂșC. Brr.


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