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Does anyone fancy coming along to these things? I bought extra tickets on the basis I would try and persuade friends to come along with me. So, friends, what do you say?

  • Saturday September 14th, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Live tour, at the Hackney Empire; most of the original surviving cast; it was awesome last year; I booked 4 and still have a spare ticket - £25. all gone
  • Tuesday November 5th, Art Brut at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. Art Brut were difficult enough for me to explain in 2005, when I first saw them (three times in a year!): see their early singles Formed A Band and Emily Kane. I have a spare ticket.
  • Sunday, November 17th. Toby Hadoke performs a double-bill of his two Doctor Who one-man shows "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" and "My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver" at the Garrick. I have a spare ticket. gone

Nobody likes Art Brut? What is wrong with you all? :-(
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What will you be doing on Saturday 23rd November, 2013, at 7pm? Well, watching Doctor Who, obviously. But where?

I am thinking about having a Doctor Who marathon at my house. The programme would look a little something like:

1200 An Unearthly Child (the first episode)
1300 The Three Doctors (10th anniversary story)
1500 The Five Doctors (20th anniversary story)
1700 Remembrance of the Daleks (25th anniversary story)
1900 The Fiftieth Anniversary Special on BBC One (assuming that's when they put it, of course)
2030 An Adventure in Space and Time on BBC Two (even more tentative guess than the special itself)

I know this is a long way in advance, and I'm not asking for commitments to attend, but I'm just pondering - does this sound like the sort of thing people would be interested in?
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The Epping Ongar Railway (that is, the heritage railway that operates on what used to be the Central Line east of Epping), re-opens the weekend after next (26th/27th May). There will be steam trains and stuff. Anyone want to join me? I'm tempted to try for the first weekend, but the second weekend (2nd-5th June) might be more sane.
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yesterday and today have been a bit worse for pain than the weekend, but so far it has not been entirely incapacitating. by this point i would usually have taken painkillers. looking forward to early night this evening, and then all being well, going to loos meet on thursday.

i want to go see the Comedy Store Players (for those of you who don't know, this is essentially the original stage version of Whose Line Is It Anyway, still going) one Wednesday in the next few weeks. anyone up for this?

[Poll #1203324]
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does anyone want to go see a film on Monday evening? I propose Vantage Point at the Odeon Holloway at 8pm.
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is anything exciting happening this weekend? i feel like doing something, but i'm not sure what.


Dec. 19th, 2006 02:33 pm
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planning to go up to leicester on 22nd/23rd, and return on 1st. this is a good chunk of time, and i hope to be able to meet up with people and have tea and get drunk as appropriate.
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i was thinking about having a flatcooling party in Leicester on Saturday August 12th. anyone up for it?
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so there were people at weekend and now there aren't.

rather bored and alone now. ho-hum. does anyone want to go see X-Men 3 at the weekend (showings start Thursday)? or in fact do anything midweek?
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we've decided on IRC that this year's Big Brother could do with an interesting twist. the one we are thinking of is as follows: carry on as normal, but don't actually broadcast any of it, or conduct actual votes or anything. they may wish to actually keep tapes of things that happen, or not. each week, someone gets evicted (as normal, except that evictions will be decided by whim of producers or by a coinflip) and it is revealed that they have spent X weeks of their life locked away from the world and NOBODY CARES. *cackle* possibly then this moment of revelation is broadcast.

othergates, I finished watching the The Daleks last night and then also watched all of Genesis of the Daleks.

firebug music quiz this evening?
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so. the scone party is planned for Saturday 20th May. Sorry if I've set this so you can't make it, had to make decision one way or another. the plan is tea and scones in afternoon (it will be served at 4pm PRECISELY). people will be invited to bring jams, marmalades, honeys, if they feel like it. if you turn up around 3.30pm you even get to see me make the scones.

this will be optionally followed later in evening by apparently still unnamed event (see after setlist). Watching the 2nd part of the Doctor Who 2-parter might also feature. people will be welcome to drink the beer i keep winning, etc.

It should be good. I even bought a teapot and everything! Crash space available, let me know if you need it. I figure I can sleep 4-6 people in front room [ and i've had an offer of space from someone else too ]. See the directions.
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is anyone going to see Covenant in Sheffield on Saturday May 6th? I just noticed they were playing... and i am up in Sheffield that weekend anyway...

update: going to Birmingham one on the Thursday 4th.
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back from mudmeet. rather entertaining. also knackering. finished The Catcher In The Rye up there, and then started Frankenstein on the way down. the rather dissimilar textual styles (although i note they are both written as first-person narratives/correspondence) have vaguely tempted me to rewrite Frankenstein in a more modern mode of speech. Robert Walton's first message to his sister could be thus:

Hi Maggie. Got into St Petersburg yesterday, very cold. Planning to discover Northwest Passage. Been whaling lots, even got hired as first mate. Off to Arkhangelsk in a couple of weeks! Will keep in touch. x Rob.

Except translate that to txt.

upcoming week currently rather quiet:

you will note absence of any form of pub quiz. :( I'll be happy to do Thursday's again if other people go, though don't want to turn up there on my own.

Happy birthdays to [ profile] doctor_tron and to William Shakespeare!

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Bicurious Pandas consisted of just me and [ profile] greeba this time. We (by which I mean mostly greeba) got 63 or so points apparently which seemed a bit low as we'd thought we'd done quite well (considering). So in the fine tradition of Mr Berlusconi, we demanded a recount. And got 75 or so. We still only came 4th, so no beer.

I am officially to be going to the next Batfink up in Sheffield on May 5th (shall be staying with [ profile] warofdreams). Since people I know keep moving to (or just being in) Sheffield this may be good opportunity to meet up with some of you.
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Myself and [ profile] vjbseven are planning to see V for Vendetta at 3pm tomorrow.

There is still no sign of a MirrorMask showing around here. But the Phoenix hasn't released April film schedule. So there is hope.
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see everyone at b-movie this evening. :)
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right. tonights plan is to go and get drunk. we shall be starting at the Pump and Tap. join us if you will. text me if you want to find us.
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Goose Fair approaches!

Saturday afternoon?

Oh, and I suggest seeing Serenity on Friday evening and Night Watch on Sunday afternoon. Anyone up for these?
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Sunday anyone? For people unaware, it is another Burton/Depp film. Showings are 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9.45pm. Preferred times?
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picnic rained off. apparently however people will be meeting up at pump and tap.


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