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They appear to have totally updated Cryosphere to version 2.6, more than six years in the making. It doesn't yet have the web interface that I wrote 2 years ago installed on it. But this will happen.

This is quite weird.

Writing new MUDs was a perfectly reasonable habit when we started in the late 1990s. MUDs are tailor-made for bored students to write (none of this stuff with needing artwork, we were perfectly capable of writing adequate prose and good code) and perfect for them to play, being low-bandwidth. It had become a bit more eccentric in the early 2000s, when we did the big scenario rewrite and world-building. But there was a certain community out there. Now? Well, it's basically retrogaming, isn't it? Except not the fashionable sort. No 16-colour sprites for us, you see. As we hurtle through our 30s, Cryosphere is still there. Our hosting has gone from an account at CSLib to now a server somewhere in Germany that none of us have ever seen, and which we share with ElvenMUD. The same people log in from day to day, and for whatever reason use it to coordinate social activities with each other. There doesn't seem likely to ever be a mass inrush of players, even if one day we finish the world and the trading aspect of the game. It's reached a steady state.

We're having a 15th anniversary party in the autumn. In 2015 it will have existed for half my life. Will it still be there in 2022? Will our children and grand-children maintain it as a curiosity?
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So, it turns out the web mud client runs mostly fine on the Kindle's web browser:

MUD on a Kindle

I think I've done everything I need to make it ready for a public beta. Well, apart from actually porting the thing to the 2.5 codebase we are still running on the live site.
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On "holiday". Four more days to work this year. Really should do something sensible with it next year. Have continued sudden and inexplicable actual projects during holiday.

Last month I put out my first release of Crystal, with a fix in it I had promised to release ASAP five years ago. Oops.

As you might have gathered from my last post, work has also continued on Chrysalis, the web client for the MUD. It's quite a bit more than a proof of concept now.

  • session-id rather than username/password being sent each time
  • better terminal emulation, unicode support
  • Wordwrapping is done on the client-side, so it reflows nicely if you resize
  • alternate style sheet which uses a proportional font; and mud-side markup to allow things that can't be shown like that to be shown in a monospace font
  • HTML tables for tabular data (illustrated with the list of things in Muon's bar in the screenshot)
  • prompt grabbing, so your prompt ends up to the left of the input box
Lots of niggling UI things left to do: possibly the most important part remaining is a user creation path, and figuring out what to do about the pager.

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Did more work on mud client (which I think I have decided to call "Chrysalis") yesterday1 and then some more again this evening. Rapid progress continues, and it got to the point where I felt OK putting it on our dev site. The few of you reading who have dev rights on the 'sphere can have a poke at it. Were anyone else interested in trying it I could add them to that list.

There's stuff that needs doing, obviously (you'll see the escaping being off in the screenshot, also the telnet and terminal parser aren't quite right, the authentication ought to be being done with a session id rather than sending username and password over the wire each command, etc, it doesn't interact well with the pager) But I'm actually quite pleased with what I've got, so soon. Been meaning to do this for ages.

1. my other mud client is called Crystal (previously known as "cryotel", for the mud). Spot the pattern?

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I finally started work on the web mud client today. This has gone better than I expected. I am able to load up a web page, type a command into a box, press a button, and then have it log in to the mud as a user, do that command, and send the result back for display in the HTML page, which displays with formatting as it would have done in a telnet.

I am declaring victory for today.

what I need to do next )
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lunch and shopping this afternoon with [ profile] uv_pink_fluff, [ profile] reclamation and kelly. rather nice just chatting with people and stuff.

had flat inspection this evening then, at 5pm. no problem at all: i think she was just checking i hadn't knocked any walls through and the like. ;)

just chilling out now. i did a bit of work on the mud for the first time in ages earlier this evening. we're getting somewhat annoyed by someone who does nothing but keeps connecting and disconnecting and spamming our collective screens with messages. if we ban them, we still get messages about them connecting. so i'll be implementing another step: EXTREME BANNINATION! :)


May. 9th, 2005 07:55 pm
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Have decided to try to revive my mud client, crystal, as an active project (two commits in the last 12 months is kind of bad). So we now have a shiny new mailing list for it. All hail crystal!
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I see putty 0.58 has been released, with various things I pioneered in it ;).

However, the most important of these is its multi-coloured mode. This makes cake (a drug) on the mud work properly.

screenshot demonstrating the use of cake )
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Managed to get through the day, and slayed a number of bugs, dead! Currently going through the photos from last night... Also I cooked for everyone this evening.


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