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You may have seen recent news coverage of allegations that an armed police officer inserted song titles into the evidence he gave to an inquest. Prompted by this revelation, I wondered if other people have been doing this. Possibly even public figures? So I analysed David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party Conference last month. In the first half of the speech he drops in mentions of the following song titles:

*"I Want To Tell You" by the Beatles
*"Remember" by John Lennon
*"Stood Up" by Ricky Nelson
*"Good Times Bad Times" by Led Zeppelin
*"Tribute" - Tenacious D
*"Dividing Lines" - Citizen Fish
*"Give & Take" - Kina
*"Respect" - Aretha Franklin
*"Bloody Sunday" - Stiff Little Fingers
*"Stronger Together" - Rockmelons

I'm shocked to have discovered many song titles in it. Presumably there would be more in the second half. Further, I found, like the Law of Fives, that the harder I looked for song titles in the speech, the more I found. Next up, I suggest we try the same thing in Shakespeare, to see how many songs he was referencing. Also that Bible book I've heard about.
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Happy local government reform day.

(1 April has been the traditional day for local government reform in England and Wales going back to the 19th century. The LGA 1888 came into force for most of England and Wales on 1st April 1889, for example. I don't know why.)
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The Independent's science coverage fails today. The platypus has been DNA-sequenced. As far as I can gather, it has been found to fit rather exactly where it was expected to. The Independent claims

They found the animal's genes are indeed an unusual amalgam derived from the disparate worlds of reptiles, birds and mammals.

No they are not. "similar to", yes. "derived from [birds]" NO. unless there was some hot Archaeopteryx/Castorocauda inter-species action going on. which I would rather not know about.
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I accidentally made a cake on Saturday evening. I'm shocked, I tell you. It was quite nice. I need to learn how to do the icing business and then I can make a cake for [ profile] timeplease's birthday.

Bab5 continues. We watched Parliament of Dreams, Mind War and The War Prayer on Wednesday, three solid episodes. And The Sky Full Of Stars and Deathwalker coming up this Wednesday.

This news story amuses me - East Midlands Trains staff are to be issued with - I quote - "atomic watches" - which are "accurate to the second"!. I will brave the possibility of chronometric radiation poisoning at the weekend when I go visit parents for Easter. I am probably returning on Easter Monday, so I will miss Sunday games.
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so, how come nobody is asking the important questions, like: are they going to rename the cat?
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24 January 2007

bouncy wiki
BORG CUBE, Redmond, Monday — Reports broke across blogs, wiki talk pages, MSDN's pseudo-Usenet interface and other such impeccable sources yesterday of an astounding new move from Microsoft public relations: paying people not to edit Wikipedia.

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(by myself and [ profile] reddragdiva, who if he is lucky may get some sleep tonight. Person Microsoft Hired To Shoot Microsoft In Foot Misses, Shoots Self in Foot and Microsoft In Other Foot! Film At Eleven!

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went up to leicester for weekend. exhausted but much enjoyed it. saw too many people to attempt to list. seem to have ordered new corset.

TOS box sets were on sale at Virgin, so I bought season 2. I feel the Star Trek Drinking Game may be a good use of this.

I notice we have another 25-year-old news story being passed off as a recent one. Probe into ex-KGB agent poisoning. I mean, really, do they think we wouldn't notice? At least choose a story that doesn't date so badly.
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i see that they have been repeating the news again (last time i noticed this was last year). i guess they ran out of news and have been re-running stories from the early 1980s in the hope nobody will notice.

this time they are re-running a story from 1981 Benn to run for deputy leadership of the Labour Party
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Sometimes the order words are put in can be very important. Police bill government on mergers is one story: "Government Bill on police mergers" would have been another...
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amused to see a Dead Parrot making national headlines! Excuse me, Miss!


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