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On Tuesday, various of us went to see Her Naked Skin at the National Theatre. Not great. It was by no means terrible, but the politics was undertreated, the anachronisms and rather blatant "hey, look we are in 1913!" moments too frequent, the humour seemed tacked on and rarely flowed naturally from the situation (Susan Engel excepted), and the romance elements rather too cliched.

Wednesday was Babylon 5 night. We watched And Now For A Word... and In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, two quite significant episodes.

On Wednesday evening I discovered my phone line was deaded. Tinternet died at exactly midnight whilst I was browsing on my EEE in bed. Reported fault to BT yesterday, they sent me a PDF explaining how to plug my phone in and closed the ticket. Went to post-work drinks and then to gingerbeer meet at First Out, arriving back home just before midnight. Still no tinternets or dial tone. Phoned BT this morning to report while cake was baking, they are sending out an engineer tomorrow.

Have suspicion this is due to the 21CN upgrade that was supposed to be happening on my line on the same day. Unlikely to be anything to do with the theft of network cards from Stepney Green, as outage started before then.
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  • We finished season 1 of Babylon 5 yesterday.
  • I slept particularly badly last night. [ profile] ruthi has given me a book about sleeping properly, which seems to contain lots of sensible advice about making sure your sleeping environment is set up properly and such forth. I cannot really replace my bed, though.
  • I went to the bank yesterday. They were very nice at me. Not nice enough to stop using inappropriate honorifics though. I am going back tomorrow.
  • It is election day. I have voted. Polls close at 10pm.
  • It is Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.
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I accidentally made a cake on Saturday evening. I'm shocked, I tell you. It was quite nice. I need to learn how to do the icing business and then I can make a cake for [ profile] timeplease's birthday.

Bab5 continues. We watched Parliament of Dreams, Mind War and The War Prayer on Wednesday, three solid episodes. And The Sky Full Of Stars and Deathwalker coming up this Wednesday.

This news story amuses me - East Midlands Trains staff are to be issued with - I quote - "atomic watches" - which are "accurate to the second"!. I will brave the possibility of chronometric radiation poisoning at the weekend when I go visit parents for Easter. I am probably returning on Easter Monday, so I will miss Sunday games.
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We just watched up to the end of season 4. This leaves us with
  • 22 x 40 min episodes of season 5
  • 3 x 90 min TV movies
  • 1 x 90 min pilot
  • 13 x 40 min episodes of crusade
  • 1 x 90 min spin-off pilot (legend of the rangers)
this means there is only thirty hours of b5 left to watch! oh noes! oh and this new straight-to-DVD (Bablyon 5: The Lost Tales) thingy that joe has reported he is directing this week. it supposedly has sheridan and lochley and galen in.
oh, and readers may remember i annoyed a star trek fan. now i annoyed another one, the other way! i get accused of sullying the holy canon of star trek with this talk of the NX-70637, then today i got accused of wishing to elimate NX-70637 from existence. neat. poor uss galaxy, we knew you so little.
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rocky horror was very entertaining at the weekend.

we just watched Ceremonies of Light and Dark through to Ship of Tears, all of which were cool episodes. Interludes and Examantions next! this means we are OVER HALF WAY. eep.

very tired.

this is all.
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[ profile] notajeep moved in last weekend. this is good. we seem to have started watching babylon 5 from the start of season one (in order, every episode). hurrah.
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watched X-Men Monday on DVD (having had it for ages and not having got around to watching it yet) and then X2 just now. hoping the next one has a big Captain Picard vs Gandalf deathmatch! ;)

also: Wolverine reminds me of Zathras from Babylon 5 for some reason. Zathras not like that! Zathras going to bare Zathras's claws and chop you up into little bits!


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