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The Epping Ongar Railway (that is, the heritage railway that operates on what used to be the Central Line east of Epping), re-opens the weekend after next (26th/27th May). There will be steam trains and stuff. Anyone want to join me? I'm tempted to try for the first weekend, but the second weekend (2nd-5th June) might be more sane.
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the internets inform me that Oyster Pay as you Go will be valid from Liverpool Street/Seven Sisters/Walthamstow Central to Hackney Downs from January 2 (and on other in-between stations). so it will now be less hassle to obtain beer. (it has been valid for travel to Hackney Central since November).
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dropped off at St Pancras this evening on my way home from work, for a nosey around. for those of you who don't follow the news, Eurostar moved there today, and that large part of the station which has been closed for around 4 years has finally opened.

it is very shiny.

i mean, seriously shiny.

we'll see how it looks in a few years, though. the walk from the tube to the Midlands platforms isn't actually as bad as i'd feared.


there is a deep lie hidden at the heart of the publicity for the station. it claims to have "Europe's longest champagne bar".

there is indeed a champagne bar on the platform level. and, to be fair, there is a lot of champagne. however. the bar is not especially big. the seating area, is very long.

to my mind, this does not warrant the title "europe's longest champagne bar". instead, by simple principles of geometry, a very long seating area serving a not especially big bar, suffers a long average walk to the nearest seat. thus, it is actually europe's most inconvenient champagne bar.

this is all for now. Sunday may feature loltrains. We'll see.
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i went to the edge of the universe today: yes, to upminster and to epping.

random underground question: why on earth doesn't the victoria line extend very slightly further, to the central line at leytonstone, thus providing a handy link, which would have stopped me from missing the start of doctor who?
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well, today was an exciting day to travel home by rail. st pancras somehow remained possibly one of the only northern london terminals to actually remain in operation : but it puts my turning up and finding a fire alert at st pancras and barely catching train drama on Tuesday into insignificance. i am vaguely impressed my train arrived in london 1h20m ahead of the initial estimate : if only they could do that on other days, it would take no time at all!

my blood pressure is 122/78, apparently. i am not sure what that means.

I seem to be reading Illuminatus!. Hopefully, having done this, I shall be able to do a better job of co-writing
Robert Anton Wilson's UnNews obituary
the next time he dies.
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the underground was being philosophical today. it said "The next station is." this is rather reassuring: imagine if the next station wasn't!

also: congratulations to americaland for ejecting the wrong lizards.
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Back in Leicester now. Very good party :). I hope other people than me were drinking the vodka as otherwise I think I had far more to drink than I thought I had.

The Virgin Voyager rolling stock is also blocking DAB signals, along with the new Midland Mainline trains that I complained about earlier (that are based on the same). I wonder if this is deliberate, or what?
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good thing: midland mainline appear to have nice new shiny rolling stock (seem quite similar to the virgin voyager ones, except not quite as fancy).

bad thing: this rolling stock appears to block all mobile phone and radio signals.
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At [ profile] squirmelia's, recovering from the party. Will write up about it properly when I get home (assuming I can remember anything). Was good to finally meet [ profile] eldritchreality. National Rail is giving me silly suggestions for train journeys, including changing at Clapham, Vauxhall and St Pancras. There are to be photos of me in my costume apparently.
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looking into trains for the 5th to southampton. i see there is still no bloody train service between nuneaton and birmingham new street, instead replacement buses (which left me stranded and delayed by over an hour the weekend before last). this seems unrelated to strike action, unless the train drivers are refusing to go to birmingham for some reason. possibly nuneaton has replaced the pillars of hercules.

it's a four-hour journey already, if there is bus stress this could make it even more insane. pondering going via london instead.

i think i might re-capture the railway system one day. i could storm the british transport police office in leicester station, steal their truncheons and give them to fellow disgruntled passengers, who would go to other stations and repeat. then we could abolish fares and run many more trains, and bring car traffic down to sensible levels!


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