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Google Maps has decided to randomly rename lots of railway stations in London after nearby bus stops. We also have a bonus triplication of the caption for New Cross station!

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Not something you see every day:

(apparently for the premiere of The Other Guys which is this evening at the Vue)
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Uploaded a rough version of the Swiss Centre demolition timelapse to youtube

direct link

It looked a lot better before it went through youtube! I have a 5 MB .mov file which I will see about putting somewhere.
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This afternoon, a giant dragon robot is eating the Swiss Centre. It apparently likes to chomp on steel-reinforced concrete. This is very exciting.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

It was furiously attacking the building all afternoon, causing severe vibration in our building on the opposite side of the road. It ate quite a lot.

pictures of the building in various states of destruction
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swiss centre demolition has properly started. they've got rid of the cooling tower on the lower roof (the building is a three storey or so long building, with a skyscraper poking out of part of it), in bits, with their giant crane. they also used their giant crane to move a JCB onto the roof, which was today hacking at concrete. maybe the JCB will cut a big circle in the concrete and then fall inside the building?

yet they still sell tickets out of it.
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i went to leicester yesterday. being the clever abi i was i bought a return ticket. oops. i returned by car, of course, with lots of dvds and books and also a television, which is now in the front room. it feels a bit less like i'm an intruder now i have stuff in that room.

after this i explored. this consisted of going down the A10 and spending time in a couple of pubs in Stoke Newington whilst reading graphic novels. in the first one (the Rochester Castle, a weatherspoons), I got talking to a couple of random people, including someone who was using long words and then correcting himself and using short ones instead. which is a bit interesting. The second pub (the Coach and Horses) seemed very nice and had good music.

i shall detail graphic novels i have read lately:

graphic novels i have read lately )

what should i be keeping my eyes peeled out for here? There's a whole bunch of Alan Moore related stuff out soon, i know (Black Dossier, Albion, Lost Girls)...
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two weeks now! and what a two weeks. i can report: folks at work seem lovely. office is nicely airconditioned, and a few times we've been out to Lincoln's Inn Fields to have sandwiches which is good :) the fields are a bit random, in the middle of central london to have a semi big park.

seem to have accidentally bought a lot of movies from the hmv and virgin sales. ho hum. still not seen superman yet!

exploration )
there was a water leak on seven sisters road. i saw it yesterday morning: someone was working on it yesterday evening, and then this morning the entire junction and road had been sealed off near the leak "POLICE INNER CORDON". not sure if this is related.

this evening i went to see [ profile] landvaettir. the highlight of the conversation has to be :

[ profile] abigailb: oh, and i saw [ profile] glamgothruthy at b-movie.
[ profile] landvaettir: ah! and how is she?

tomorrow i shall be going to leicester, and i will be going to psychocandy in the evening. sunday i will be returning to london with More Stuff.
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just about to head off to explore london a bit more. last night i went on a trip all the way to edmonton and back. i think this afternoon i shall be wandering in the opposite direction.

so, do any london people fancy going to see superman returns at some point?


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