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I really hate Oxford Street. It is long and linear and all in a line, and it takes forever to get from one shop to another because they are all at different ends, and it would be far more efficient if London's central shopping area was actually an area rather than essentially two ribbon developments. Despite this I purchased some rather urgently-required jeans.

Moved boxes with furniture in this evening. It is nice that the pub is on the way back from [ profile] ewtikins's.

Watched new Battlestar Galactica episode last night. Curious. Personally, my theory is that Starbuck is a Skrull, and that Wolverine is a Cylon. This would explain a lot, I feel. Wolverine is able to be in so many books at once because there are many copies of him! I will be watching Katee Sackhoff's chin closely in future episodes.
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went up to leicester for weekend. exhausted but much enjoyed it. saw too many people to attempt to list. seem to have ordered new corset.

TOS box sets were on sale at Virgin, so I bought season 2. I feel the Star Trek Drinking Game may be a good use of this.

I notice we have another 25-year-old news story being passed off as a recent one. Probe into ex-KGB agent poisoning. I mean, really, do they think we wouldn't notice? At least choose a story that doesn't date so badly.
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Went to see A Cock and Bull Story last night, which was very entertaining. Vaguely tempted to read the book, except that it really does have nine volumes.

Today i did various things, including getting my costume for Saturday ready (thanks to people for ideas!), and have ordered a corset (black, underbust).

I find I have email from a recruitment agency - I am to telephone them tomorrow.
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went to Pump and Tap this evening with [ profile] jisha78, then moved onto the looking glass where we were joined by [ profile] greeba. successfully drunk. rah.

i want a sort of fabric with stripes (blue and black), but the stripes are chopped up so that they have discontinuties in them - but not total discontinuities, so it would be like three different types of barcode which partly matched up with each other and partly didn't. does this sort of thing exist or am i going to have to kludge it?
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been sleeping really badly all this week, and bad headaches. had to go home from work early on friday because i wasn't physically capable of looking at monitor anymore.

had recovered enough by this morning to go shopping in nottingham with [ profile] vjbseven where i utterly failed to buy any cool new clothes. i did however get a copy of The Dark Knight Returns which I am now reading. early night tonight though, I think. (insofar as post-11pm is early).
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Went to Carnival of Souls market yesterday with [ profile] vjbseven. Was a bit of a let down really. Got one top, but seems like they were saving the good stuff for Whitby (or maybe I was just feeling uninspired). After this, we returned to Leicester, attempted to dye my hair (which has not taken as well as I would have hoped, but oh well), and watched some DVDs.
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think i've decided what to wear to [ profile] psychocandyclub, although it will mean i ought to be on vodka and cokes for the night as really don't want to have to go to the loo in it :)
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back from merciless. didn't get headache attack which is good, but did suffer from excess tiredness, hence me being here now. good to see everyone!

corset worked (ie it got lots of adoration ;)
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back from birmingham, which i popped over to to get something to go with my corset. :)

randomly met neal there. he says that since i was going to merciless he would play "lots of crap". not sure if this is good or not.
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a quite bad... corset picture )

It is not so bright red in real life, more subdued (but is shiny, hence the reaction to the flash). Also I have hardly done it up at all here...
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no photos today.
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corset was ready and have collected it. woo.
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now am told tomorrow. although apparently work has been done to it since last time, which is good.

don't really need it till Sat anyway, though obv would be good to get used to it beforehand.
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bah, corset not to be ready til Tuesday now...
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Went into town and got wet. Paid random visit to corset person, see how it was going. There was a mostly-finished corset for me. Tried it on and there are a couple of alterations that need doing (and needs finishing). Should be ready Saturday, yay! :)
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today's shopping rather more succesful than yesterday. now have Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze, and New Order - Waiting For the Siren's Call. And have put down the deposit on a corset. :)
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anyone have a corset made by Josephine La Vey? I am pondering obtaining one and wondering if is worth it.
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Ball lightning this evening.

I is wearing a skirt to work, for like the first time ever. It is quite long (well, ok, barely shows my feet) and decent, though.
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been to the pub with people. i still can't believe what's happened.

my japanese ghost costume is all ready now, (i even have white underwear for the first time in many years), except i still have no clear idea how to do the Obi up properly.possibly i can be a party game (tie the Obi on the Abigail).
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woo, half of my japanese ghost costume has arrived

now i need to figure out what footwear should go with it


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