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I have a Roomba! (a robotic vacuum cleaner)

It has been tested under supervision in all the dry rooms of the flat and it seems to work great, although it can get stuck under the cover of the sofabed.

I am a little sad to discover that it doesn't try to do mental mapping of the rooms it cleans, it just does simple behaviours tweaked for a good probability of 95% coverage. This isn't the future I was promised. (Mind, even 20 years ago watching Tomorrow's World, I was rather cynical about such robotic dreams, knowing what little I did about programming then... Wolfram Alpha is another in a long line of people solving the easy half of a problem and then assuming the difficult half will be just as quick.)
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I had a wonderful party on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for coming! I seem to have a rather embarrassing alcohol surplus, which I will have to have another party, perhaps sometime in the new year, to drink.

Off work this week (yet again I forgot to take off any time in the summer and am having to use it all up in the last two months of the year), so today I went to Ikea and purchased two more bookcases and a sofabed, which should be being delivered tomorrow. I need to do remaining unpacking but am available for social things.

Reading Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds.
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I feel like celebrating my good fortune in finding a dwelling-house in the pub this evening. Ok, ok, ok, I would have gone anyway. But still. Anyone coming?
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I am doing general pre-move tidying and packing things in to boxes and making scones on Saturday from about lunchtime. Help welcome.
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Had a note from underlying-landlord through door today. The site is being redeveloped and I will need to find somewhere else to live by the end of December 2008. This is a shame, because I was actually quite liking it here.

in which abigail discusses house prices. oh noes! if this offends you, do not read. )

Update: Actually, looking at the other pieces of paper more carefully, they in fact want me out by September the 17th. Confusing. Will phone.
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gah, boiler still isn't fixed.

it has been 3 weeks since i reported it broken. this is quite crap.
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back in london.

my boiler appears to have broken or something over christmas. it's a combination boiler. fails with error A01 which apparently means "failed to ignite". however, it does produce hot water for a couple of minutes after I reset it before then failing again. so either it has an immersion heater or somesuch as well or it did ignite after all?
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I am all moved. Lots of things in boxes need unpacking, mainly onto shelves that will come down next weekend. Internet should be turned on tomorrow (was hoping for today but is looks unlikely now). New morning routine and commute was good, arrived at work the earliest I've made it, I think.

Deciding to read something from my to-read pile last weekend, I picked up "Hey Nostradamus" by Douglas Coupland, utterly unaware of its topicality. Curious book.

good day

Apr. 10th, 2007 08:17 pm
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i saw a flat today at Manor House. it was quite shiny and i have put down a deposit on it. if all goes to plan i should have it from the 17th. at which point i will need to move ALL MY STUFF there.

also, life on mars today! the mystery shall be revealed.
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one of today's letting agents wanted an upfront fee to register with them before. who should i report them to? this has got to be illegal. but news is not entirely bad, as seeing flats tomorrow and tuesday in clapton and manor house respectively.

leicester looks nicer now. presence of river, parks and entire outer and inner ringroads good †. absence of hinckley road and narborough road bad. it's remarkable how much you can do with low-res satellite photos and the out-of-copyright NPE maps.

coming back for the weekend, hope to finish city centre. oh, and meet people...

† not that leicester has an entire outer ringroad, of course.
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i phoned a lot of letting agents today. it's impressive how useless they are, as a group, at answering the phone. getting rather panicked now and the rabbit-headlights reaction to flathunting is NOT a good one. argh.

i seriously need to get my arse in gear otherwise i'm going to be doing who-knows-what at the end of the month. i pissed away march. my god, i'm useless.
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[ profile] _lostinthecity has decided to move out at the end of February to be closer to work. thus myself and [ profile] notajeep are looking for a new person to live with us. near seven sisters tube, is big room, 490 pcm. could also reshuffle so i take that one and new person gets smaller room (which is 415). anyone interested/know anyone who is interested? spread the word!

Dead & Buried on Friday; which was OK, but didn't dance much. This may be related to the fact my left knee has been hurting when I place weight on it for a number of days. Ouch.

Over halfway through Illuminatus!. I can see the fnords! Has anyone published annotations to this, I wonder?
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We caught a mouse

Mouse in a Cookie Bag

It is going to a better place, now, I am told. (And no, IRC, we are not eating it or sacrificing it to dark gods.)
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not updated for while.

[ profile] notajeep came round this evening to sign contract and will be moving in on the 15th. been rather lonely since i moved to london so this should prove good.

read The Forever War, The Warrior's Apprentice since last update. nearly finished The Vor Game. the next two supreme power trades turned up as well which i must get round to reading.

pondering going to Dead and Buried tomorrow, a tradgoth night that i failed to go to last month due to cider, (if i know anyone else going). saturday afternoon i am going to a party. sunday is free.
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started reading Jem by Frederick Pohl.

[ profile] notajeep and [ profile] eldritchreality are here. "i am going to move in" says [ profile] notajeep.

i no longer have a flat in leicester : the keys were handed back in on friday. eek.
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odd weekend, overall. there's a better word for it than that, but nevermind. barely ate anything saturday and had few people over for flatcooling : popped into intelekt later, very quiet indeed. was too tired to really stay.

we need to find another housemate, as the american chap who lives in the room downstairs is going back to america. who wants to live in a nice house in seven sisters?

been working hard last few days, interspersed with discovering the british library's collection of obscure government papers and acts and SIs and stuff.

oh, and i have the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster now!
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right, there is to be some form of flatcooling party in leicester at my flat around 6ish. i am just setting off from my house now. numbers and directions here
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in London. started to unpack. didn't get to watch Dr Who last night. not got wireless working either yet (the builtin card crashes with exciting IRQ errors : or rather lack of IRQ errors - this is the pci age not 1995!) and the random dongle that came with the room crashes when i compile and insert the driver. funfunfun. startingtomorrow.
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lunch and shopping this afternoon with [ profile] uv_pink_fluff, [ profile] reclamation and kelly. rather nice just chatting with people and stuff.

had flat inspection this evening then, at 5pm. no problem at all: i think she was just checking i hadn't knocked any walls through and the like. ;)

just chilling out now. i did a bit of work on the mud for the first time in ages earlier this evening. we're getting somewhat annoyed by someone who does nothing but keeps connecting and disconnecting and spamming our collective screens with messages. if we ban them, we still get messages about them connecting. so i'll be implementing another step: EXTREME BANNINATION! :)
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Visitors to my flat have often wondered what this light switch here does. (It has been mentioned before.) It is by my door. For months I assumed it did nothing. It certainly didn't operate the hall lights, which would have been useful as having them automatically turn on at 4am when I'm popping to the loo is not good. Here it is :-

The other light switches aren't mysterious at all. This is what they do.

So. I was thinking the other day, that it was funny that not only did I have a mysterious light switch that I didn't know what it did, and that I also had a light (on the cooker hood) that sometimes didn't turn on when I wanted to. I must have been very tired, because when I decided that these two facts might be related I thought it was a breakthrough!

So I did an experiment.

here is the cooker

here is the cooker with the mysterious 3rd switch on!

So. The mystery was solved : the mystery switch controls the light switch that the cooker light is on. Sorry for such a dull answer. Next week, we investigate what is up the mysterious hatches in the hall and the corridor outside!


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