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paranoid abi is paranoid
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how come I'm not tired, eh?

i wonder how much interweb i can read.
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In order to get my annual sports related post out of the way early. I would just like to say ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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does the fact that Tavistock Square, the site of bus bombing, features a statue of Gandhi in it count as irony?
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apparently today is the feast day of some roman catholic saint from palestine, who certainly never killed a dragon.

It is also the International Day of the Book, and Shakespeare's traditional birthday (he would have been 441 today).
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obviously livejournal is not part of teh internet.
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a man, standing on the roof of a dentist, next to a first floor window, obtaining bricks from inside the window, and throwing them into his skip, nearly hitting a pedestrian at least once.
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quiet day at work.

does anyone know where the phrase "crazy moon language" comes from?
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I seem to have acquired a quite long random scratch on my arm. Its kind of L-shaped. Most curious.

I'm pleased to say it is no longer bitterly cold in the office - instead it is too hot. Yay.
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This makes an interesting curve! I wonder why we have the spikes.

Ha repetition google counts )

i am bored. can you tell?
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Bit of a boring today. Various mud things done, including one tiny bit more of Dove mission written (in Dove mission you have to disrupt a peace conference between the Americans and the French).

[ profile] alexa_robinson should be coming to the party next weekend, so that's all ok.

Tomorrow I shall be exploring the disused railway track near the village. It used to lead from the east to Thurnby and Scraptoft station. There was no actual interconnection with any of the mainlines running through Leicester - so rather unsurprisingly didn't last long. It's clearly shown on OS maps, and at least one of the railway bridges is still standing, so am rather curious to find out what is left. There should possibly be a viaduct, and the map seems to indicate a tunnel!
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Where is the most odd place your cat has hidden? Where does it like to hide?

Non-cats also acceptable.

Thanks. :)
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This years Appropiation Act is actually itemised!

See the contents. You get to see exactly how much each mission statement costs.

From this we learn that the Home Office spent £12,341,608,000 on 'building a safe, just and tolerant society', the Department of Transport spent £11,031,616,000 on 'promoting modern, integrated and safe transport and providing customer-focused regulation'. Meanwhile, the Department of Health spent £50,965,112,000 on 'securing health care for those who need it'.


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