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I made my London DJ debut at the Monarch in Camden tonight, at Time-Space Quizualiser event. I think there was some kind of quiz going on in between my sets but I wasn't really paying attention. Here's the setlist (I think it might even be mostly in the right order.) Ten points to the first person who can spot the theme.

Ron Grainer - Doctor Who theme
Orbital - Who?

break for quiz

The Timelords - Doctorin' the TARDIS

break for quiz

John Barrowman, David Tennant and Catherine Tate - The Ballad of Russell and Julie
Jon Pertwee - Who Is The Doctor
Who Cares? - Doctor in Distress
Ian Levine - K-9 and Company theme
The Go-Go's - I'm Going to Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
Roberta Tovey - Who's Who
Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who theme (1963)
Murray Gold - I Am The Doctor (2010)
Art Brut - I Am The Psychic (fragment) 1
Murray Gold - The Majestic Tale (2012)
John Debney - Doctor Who theme (1996)
EightBitBaconStrips - Doctor Who theme
Tim Minchin - Doctor Who theme
Delia Derbyshire/Peter Howell/Dominic Glynn/Keff McCulloch/John Debney/Murray Gold - Doctor Who theme (1963-2010)

Unfortunately I was unable to find the wrongest cover of any Doctor Who music: I am the Kefftor, a cover of "I Am the Doctor" in the style of Keff McCulloch. Listen to it, but prepare your ears first.

1. I'd searched my phone for "I Am" and that came on next. Oops.
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Does anyone fancy coming along to these things? I bought extra tickets on the basis I would try and persuade friends to come along with me. So, friends, what do you say?

  • Saturday September 14th, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Live tour, at the Hackney Empire; most of the original surviving cast; it was awesome last year; I booked 4 and still have a spare ticket - £25. all gone
  • Tuesday November 5th, Art Brut at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. Art Brut were difficult enough for me to explain in 2005, when I first saw them (three times in a year!): see their early singles Formed A Band and Emily Kane. I have a spare ticket.
  • Sunday, November 17th. Toby Hadoke performs a double-bill of his two Doctor Who one-man shows "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" and "My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver" at the Garrick. I have a spare ticket. gone

Nobody likes Art Brut? What is wrong with you all? :-(
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hmm, i seem to be going to see Nine Inch Nails in Nottingham tomorrow. woo!

Sandi Thom

Jun. 1st, 2006 09:56 pm
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having fun trying to unpick the web of PR myths and suchforth. )

Of course, some people are decrying her as manufactured evil for even having a manager/PR agency, whilst other people are saying "omg! how dare you accuse her of such things." I think, as with most things in life, the real situation is more complicated, a shade of grey. My best guess is the narrative above, but who knows? My real problem with her is that her song is stupid: purposely so, true, but nontheless.

footnote )


May. 20th, 2006 08:42 pm
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we are watching the danish entry to eurovision. we are, however, not actually listening to it. we are instead listening to Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails. we have the lyrics up on red button. we are singing along to it to the tune of NIN. whee!

Worship me as a God, pitiful fools! (that last bit was someone else, i.e. [ profile] landvaettir)

update: and now the Russian entry to Hurt. this rules.

now: Greek entry to We're In It Together Now

we actually listened to Lordi. Obviously.

and now: Ukraine to Mein Teil by Rammstein (we got the lyrics 'my part' on the screen to line up with 'Mein Teil' with the song without trying too hard).

the Irish entry, Every Song is a Cry for Love, is obviously Every Day Is Exactly the Same by NIN
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Covenant (and support bands) good. Rest of evening also good. :)

very tired now. will have to injest caffeine on way to Sheffield.
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So. I went into town today (such a long walk) and bought the new tool album, 10,000 days. I can't yet give a review because of the following :

I am attempting to rip it at the moment, but it's being a bit troublesome. phobos's CD drive makes Very Strange Noises Indeed (clunk clunk clunk whirrr clunk x lots) when I insert the shiny disc into it, as does one of ganymede's. It's doing a close approximation of being ripped with ganymede's second shiny disc player, but I keep getting fatal errors, starting with track 4. I don't have a dumb CD player, because I've not really seen the point in having one yet. Besides, I'd have nowhere to put it. I've tried it in my cheapo DVD player and it actually manages to crash it!

I'm not sure whether this is because it's not really a CD, but is one of the evil copyprotected things that look remarkably like one, or maybe it just was defective? Who can tell, in this day and age when music companies intentionally ship defective products. Neither the packaging nor the CD have an actual 'Compact Disc Digital Audio' logo on them, or a warning. Is it worth trying to take back to Rockaboom for an exchange/refund?

I suppose this is the universe getting back at me for teh smug (this is the first CD i bought after posting that, you see). Beware of teh smug. It bites back.

On the upside, I can report the packaging is quite neat. it includes stereo glasses through which to view the booklet and stuff.
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zeitgeist ii went pretty well, considering. a few bands i shall be looking up on interweb. a few i shan't. my head hurts now. :/

oh. and i finished Frankenstein now. not sure what to read next. i really should make a start on some of these recommendations really. ;)

and happy may day!

and a further addendum: when i got back into my building late last night i was greeted by a cloud of dust which made me choke and i could barely get through. some idiot appears to have let off most if not all of a powder fire extinguisher in the entrance area. rah!
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is anyone going to see Covenant in Sheffield on Saturday May 6th? I just noticed they were playing... and i am up in Sheffield that weekend anyway...

update: going to Birmingham one on the Thursday 4th.
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went to [ profile] psychocandyclub/nowhere on saturday, which was fun. quiet but oh well. met new people. got excessively drunk, enough that at the end when Journey of the Sorcerer by The Eagles (also known as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy music) was played, I danced very enthusiastically.

this evening went to see Regina Spektor, who was Quite Good &tm;. Because she was sitting down much of the time, the fact I forgot to bring a camera didn't really matter.
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Skindred good. Third (I think) time I've seen them - I saw them before at Rock City when they were supporting Queen Adreena in 2001, and then accidentally saw them supporting Pitchshifter in 2003 at the Charlotte. So first time I've seen them headlining.

Really good. Benji worked the crowd, who were a bit sluggish to be honest, well. It's especially impressive to see a crowd actually whisper "Process" repeatedly in time to the music. It seemed to be mostly stuff off their Babylon album - which they are still touring, four years on! In the mean time they seem to have broken America, though. New album is apparently being written, and the band look like they'll be happy to have some new material. They played at least one Dub War song I think.

Missed support acts totally, and also apparently missed [ profile] lilgreendave.
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Likely going to see Skindred at the Charlotte. If you like ragga metal you should come.
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VNV Nation were Quite Good. :)
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Yesterday evening consisted of watching the newly-arrived City of Death DVDs with [ profile] vjbseven, between which was a visit to the Attik to watch Uniting the Elements and return their mike stand. Apart from putting us on the guestlist, they gave us a free album even. And also were quite good. Yay.

I am at Ashton Keynes now.
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Just arrived back from Reading, which I attended with [ profile] secretlondon Was excellent. Bumped into [ profile] emmadacockney at St Pancras who kept me company on the trains and train replacement bus service back.

The bands I saw :-

Thursday: went to the Rising Sun to see some random bands. Whilst there met a chap named Pete who knows my ex-colleague Ez who used to hang out there. Small world syndrome!

Friday: Goldie Lookin' Chain (the end of), Wedding Present (again, having seen them at Summer Sundae), the end of the Dropkick Murphies, the Subways, The Coral, Queens of the Stone Age (for the first time since 1999), The Killers, Pixies.

Saturday: All-American Rejects (the end of), Roots Manuva, Dinosaur Jr, The Charlatans, Hot Hot Heat, The Caesars, Sleater-Kinney, part of Babyshambles, Foo Fighters.

Sunday: The Modern (upon the advice of [ profile] greeba), Art Brut (the third time this year), Hot Chip (again), VHS or Beta, the end of Funeral for a Friend, NoFX, The Stooges, Incubus, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden.

Pixies were great. Kim Deal's grin was probably bigger than her.

Foo Fighters also good. Dave Grohl drummed during one song and let Taylor song, which apparently marks the first time Dave has drummed at Reading in 13 years.

Iron Maiden also good! Set consisted entirely of songs from their first four albums, (of which only a few from their 3rd). They have three guitarists now, apart from their bassists, and they run around the stage in formation like crazy people.

May post more notes later. But thoroughly good!
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Well, that has been an interesting day.

Day 2 at the festival. I saw the end of the Traces, Hot Chip, the Editors, Corb Lund (who were excellent - and any band that has a song called We've Been Drinking Beer All Night, It's Time To Switch To Whiskey or similar, and call it a spiritual, is OK by me), The Magic Numbers (who I ended up queuing for over an however for them to sign my copy of their album), Thirteen Senses, The Bees, KT Turnstall.

After this I decided I was knackered and headed to somewhere that is in relation quiet and comfortable (ie psychocandy/nowhere). this seemed quite poorly attended but the crowd that was out was good. Spent time split between the floors.

Met [ profile] annomalley for first time in real life. [ profile] landvaettir was looking resplendent with her new skirt and glowy balls. [ profile] codezombie tried to persuade me to come to fools and heroes. two people commented that i was boringly dressed : yes, for i had been to a festival, and don't really think that, e.g. long velvet dresses go well with mud.

if anyone has found a purple umbrella at the attik, it is mine!

and then came home early. i have been out/drinking 8 days of the last 9 (including today), and it is starting to show.

tomorrow has a bit of an earlier end to proceedings. the last act, Patty Smith, will be on at 21.15.
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Back from Day 1 of Summer Sundae. This was pretty cool. I managed to catch Bathysphere, Post War Years, Acoustic Ladyland, Sons and Daughters, Malcom Middleton, British Sea Power, Trashcan Sinatras and Idlewild.

Seems a very civilised festival. Chairs and tables in the indoor stage (well, it is DMH). Not a burger and chips van on site.

Tomorrow I must remember to take CDs along so I can get them signed. Art Brut, The Magic Numbers, Lemon Jelly, and Mylo will be particular targets.
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just got back from London. very tired.

went down on Monday quite early (though not as early as I'd hoped due to silly ticket rules). met ez for lunch at pub, was good. in afternoon realised my boots were falling apart. so got new boots. managed to succeed to not buy any dvds. then met with ez, pan, plett at another pub, and then proceeded to brixton, where we happened upon [ profile] tankgirlinblack, [ profile] emmadacockney et al in the queue. once in, marvelled at the wonderfulness of the academy. the support act was Saul Williams who I thought was quite poor... and then to the main event.

Nine Inch Nails were QUITE GOOD! I was so excited that I could barely sleep afterwards... They played a well-balanced set, with most of the hits (missing "Perfect Drug"), quite a bit new stuff and some old or obscure stuff ("Dead Souls"). And they did it masterfully. I will never forget seeing however many thousand people all around me singing along to "Hurt".

Now I am back and my feet hurt and I am tired.
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Suzanne Vega fabulous. She played a mix of stuff from all stages of her career, with some new songs thrown in, which were called Unbound (about a plant. most strange), Anniversary (written on September 11, 2002), part of one called Mr B (which she sung a capella until she got so far and then said "that's all i've written") and one called something like "Edith Walton's figurines".

Support act was pretty good too. Huge throng of people trying to get CDs and of course they ran out.


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