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I am thinking about trying to get back into writing. I've not done much of this over the last few years, partly because reach exceeds my grasp, and I kind of resent having to practice. I just want to be good straight away. So I was thinking about this, and when I have written, I've been writing for a particular audience (whether this be my schoolfriends, the users of my mud, a disk magazine, or a newsgroup).

So, maybe this is what I need to do?

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I was taking part in a race. It was in some part of the West End, but not a part I know. Some people were running on foot, others were in their spaceships. I was one of the spaceship people. It was one lap. Unfortunately, I lost, to a couple of the people running on foot, which sucked pretty badly because hey, I was in a spaceship with an FTL drive, and you wouldn't expect that, right? Then I examined the finishing area, and I noticed that the council had been resurfacing the pavement and the reason I had stopped just a few hundred metres short of the finish was because they'd left a gap in the hoardings small enough for people to get through, but not large enough for this spaceship. I protested to the organisers of the race, but they didn't see my point.

I don't remember anything about the spaceship much except it had a kind of reality-warping drive that did strange things - I was very worried that the kitchen would catch on fire and kept checking. That's probably why I missed the resurfacing work.

Various people here were my crew, of course, but I don't remember what anyone was doing. So.

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yesterday and today have been a bit worse for pain than the weekend, but so far it has not been entirely incapacitating. by this point i would usually have taken painkillers. looking forward to early night this evening, and then all being well, going to loos meet on thursday.

i want to go see the Comedy Store Players (for those of you who don't know, this is essentially the original stage version of Whose Line Is It Anyway, still going) one Wednesday in the next few weeks. anyone up for this?

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please give questions to which you would give the following answers

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Spent most of last night at Nowhere (which was marginally cooler than psychocandy downstairs, as there was a proper draft)

Rather than summarising my activities: I will instead ask the question
[Poll #746183]

Also: for public record I meant to fall down whilst I was dancing to No-One Knows by QOTSA. Honest.


May. 13th, 2006 03:16 am
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back. whee. good night. hair stayed mostly in although the big hairbandy thing kept migrating upwards. pins? danced lots. so very hot.

but not very many people out again :(. tsk. tomorrow is psychocandy, and also i plan to possibly make a test batch of scones

(remember: Saturday 20th: TEA. SCONES. DOCTOR WHO. LORDI. COCKTAILS ETC. DARKSCAPE. possibly in that order. what more does one want from a day? come 3-3.30ish to watch scones being made for FOUR O'CLOCK EXACTLY. bring things to spread on the scones, or teas. or whatever you like really.).

so: consensus about poll is: bad idea!
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Not a proper poll, because I am poor... but...

What colour should I make my hair be?


Jul. 28th, 2004 08:15 pm
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