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This recipe originally came from [my great-aunt] Aunty Peggy. My mother, [ profile] ioannab, submitted it to "Food Aid" in 1986 (a cookery book to fundraise for the Ethiopian famine of that time, featuring a mix of recipes from celebrities and members of the public), and it made the cut. We have a copy at home, signed by various including I think Delia and Terry and Bob. Here is the copy of it supplied by [ profile] ioannab:

cheese shortbread recipe )

note to self: this doesn't make very much, remember to double quantities in future.
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Hypothesis fried potato cakes are tasty
Equipment 1 frying pan, oil grated potatoes, flour, eggs
Test subject [ profile] doseybat
Method The grated potatoes were squeezed to remove an excessive and potentially dangerous build-up of dihydrogen monoxide (H2O). The resulting matter was mixed with the flour and eggs.

The frying pan was heated on a commercially available stove, with oil. The mixture was placed into the frying pan once it had reached a sufficient temperature. This was left there for a while, turning occasionally.

The resulting test article was fed to the [ profile] doseybat.

Results The [ profile] doseybat ate bits of it, noting that in part it was Ok, but generally inconsistent.
Conclusion The method appears to have been flawed. Further tests should be conducted with more care to thermal transmission and the vertical dimension of the mixture in the frying pan.
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So, either people like my flapjacks or there is some kind of strange and elaborate conspiracy to pretend they do.

my recipe for flapjacks )

[ profile] ioannab has sent me her recipe for Cheese Shortbread, which is likely to be my next baking project.
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dear lazyweb,

please recommend a good non-dairy baking margarine

[ profile] abigailb
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Sunday afternoon I dragged myself to Hendon along with some of the food from the party for [ profile] ewtikins' emergency picnic. We ate food and chatted. And we got a horn demonstration! Was fun, even if it did involve going out to the wilds of zone 4. Then we rickrolled a squirrel.

Following this I popped back home to pick up games and comics and then to the Pembury, despite being kind of tired. I am glad I did, as the company was excellent.

This evening [ profile] ruthi and [ profile] ewtikins and [ profile] hairyears came and consumed pease.

As I am now satisfied with my mastery of the art of sponge-cake-baking I am going to try for shortbread and flapjacks. I have the recipes my mother uses. Any recommendations?

Tired now. Maybe bedtime.
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I accidentally made a cake on Saturday evening. I'm shocked, I tell you. It was quite nice. I need to learn how to do the icing business and then I can make a cake for [ profile] timeplease's birthday.

Bab5 continues. We watched Parliament of Dreams, Mind War and The War Prayer on Wednesday, three solid episodes. And The Sky Full Of Stars and Deathwalker coming up this Wednesday.

This news story amuses me - East Midlands Trains staff are to be issued with - I quote - "atomic watches" - which are "accurate to the second"!. I will brave the possibility of chronometric radiation poisoning at the weekend when I go visit parents for Easter. I am probably returning on Easter Monday, so I will miss Sunday games.
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No Country For Old Men, which we saw Friday, didn't really do much for me. There were several elements I found odd - for a film about Tommy Lee Jones's character, he didn't seem to have much screentime, and some bits in the Moss/Chigurgh plot I found confusing and frankly the police seemed curiously passive about the entire thing - especially given the identity of the victim of the first on-screen killing. Glad I saw it, though. 6/10. Others in office rated it from 5/10 to 9/10.

busy weekend. I have decided to do more random things, and consequently went with [ profile] shermarama to see Wigan play Quins RL at Twickenham on Saturday. The game was a little dull at first, but got more interesting in the second half as Wigan improved. Naturally, all this action was at the other end of the stadium from us, but eh. First League match I've ever been to see, first sporting event in maybe 5 years. [ profile] aquarionical's party followed in the evening. Guitar Hero III was present, which I failed at.

on Sunday, having decided that my flat doesn't burn down nearly enough, i bought an immersion fryer and some potatoes and a potato peeler. resulting chips were not very good. need to play with timings and heat level and potato type to determine optimum chip-making conditions.
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So I'll be having my long-awaited tea and scone party in May. It will be at my flat in Leiester. Scones will be served at precisely 4pm. There will be tea, various sorts of jam and other fillings (you are invited to bring samples of your own for people to try), and radio 4! I'm not really sure how long it will last, maybe a couple of hours. Or whether we'll be spiking the tea. So anyway, a poll for the date, and to get some idea of numbers:

[Poll #716194]
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for the attention of all: i have invented a new swear word today. it is CANK. please discuss what it should mean.

apart from my invention of a swear word, it has been a long day. went to opticians for an eye test : they should have some contact lenses for me to try next week. i am rather nervous about this, especially considering how i was when they needed to put eyedrops in my eye to check my eyeball curvature. but we'll see.

after this met up with [ profile] vjbseven. after a brief shopping expedition, we hung around at my flat, watched stuff on dvds and computer. and i cooked scones! [ profile] zub (my brother) arrived one or possibly two minutes after 4pm but oh well. the scones were very nice and only one of them came out even slightly mutant. i shall do this for real at some point: thanks to people for beta-testing my baking. i shall try cakes next.

very tired now. tomorrow I am going to manchester for the weekend. [ profile] saintmaryuk and folks : if you want to meet up give me a text or something. :) [ do i know anyone else in manchester? ]


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