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Took some somewhat better pictures at lunchtime:

City skyline

Isle of Dogs skyline

Set here
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Peppa Pig is in the news. I still can't work out whether the artwork of this character is a brilliant attempt to introduce young children to cubism (bearing as it does a strong resemblance to "Woman in Hat and Fur Collar"), or whether it just went wrong.

I am further troubled by the glasses of another character depicted at the link (I believe this is "Daddy Pig"), which rest neither on his ears nor his nose. I think I may tomorrow spend a few minutes making a 3D model and a texture for young Peppa, to demonstrate what happens when you try and rotate her.

cows in 3d!

Dec. 4th, 2007 02:18 pm
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careful consideration of image should reveal why i wanted a cow model.
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i am mildly dissapointed nobody has asked me why i wanted a 3d model of a cow.
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we were looking for a good free 3d model of a cow in the interwebs. unable to do this, we consider instead to use a model of the teapot, with a cow texturemap, and claiming, straight-faced, that it is a cow.
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They are, at long last, starting to demolish the Swiss Centre (10 Wardour Street, the building on the north-west corner of Leicester Square). A crane was sighted there yesterday (but went home) and it has less windows than it did before. I'm not entirely clear what will be there afterwards: some generic glass and steel building I guess?

Yet it retains curious signs of habitation : the glockenspiel which was a novelty at first, is still active (and apparently is to be resited nearby, unfortunately); and a discount ticket store is occupying the southern face of the building still, even as workers start to dismantle bits of the tower.
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have to get up early tomorrow to catch a 0840 flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam - going to IBC. at least i'm on the piccadilly line...

i've realised B-Movie is next weekend, not today, so i can go! woot! i am pondering dressing to theme (v for vendetta/generic superheroes) some of these are more complicated than others

[Poll #1051731]

eep: squirrel girl is winning so far... she is utterly awesome, though, having pwned Doctor Doom's ass.
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first day was good. i think i could get used to working at Leicester Square :) now should go to bed.
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two weeks now! and what a two weeks. i can report: folks at work seem lovely. office is nicely airconditioned, and a few times we've been out to Lincoln's Inn Fields to have sandwiches which is good :) the fields are a bit random, in the middle of central london to have a semi big park.

seem to have accidentally bought a lot of movies from the hmv and virgin sales. ho hum. still not seen superman yet!

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there was a water leak on seven sisters road. i saw it yesterday morning: someone was working on it yesterday evening, and then this morning the entire junction and road had been sealed off near the leak "POLICE INNER CORDON". not sure if this is related.

this evening i went to see [ profile] landvaettir. the highlight of the conversation has to be :

[ profile] abigailb: oh, and i saw [ profile] glamgothruthy at b-movie.
[ profile] landvaettir: ah! and how is she?

tomorrow i shall be going to leicester, and i will be going to psychocandy in the evening. sunday i will be returning to london with More Stuff.
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1 whole weeK! i have even put a zone 1-3 month-long travelcard on my oyster! and done a mail redirection. must finish unpacking what i have brought before i move more stuff here next weekend.

[ profile] bmovie this evening. not sure what to wear... hmm.

does anyone know if there is a refugee camp for users of #uk_goffs anywhere?
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Went to see A Cock and Bull Story last night, which was very entertaining. Vaguely tempted to read the book, except that it really does have nine volumes.

Today i did various things, including getting my costume for Saturday ready (thanks to people for ideas!), and have ordered a corset (black, underbust).

I find I have email from a recruitment agency - I am to telephone them tomorrow.


Feb. 9th, 2006 10:47 am
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regarding this

it looks like i'll be no longer employed in a few days. in meantime i am on "gardening leave".

i'd better start updating my CV then.

unfortunately i don't have a garden. although i have been considering buying a pot plant. on the plus side it does mean I get to watch Bargain Hunt more often for a while!
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all the phones in the office are ringing. well, at least it's a bit of a distraction...

work party

Dec. 10th, 2005 12:56 am
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back from work party. quite amusing. [ profile] danalkaelra seems to like the frog, which was a relief. yawn. somewhat drunk but was sensible.
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My Secret Santa got me beer (and a rather nice glass to put it in), which is not bad. La. Work Christmas dinner/party tonight. Still trying to decide what to wear!


Nov. 18th, 2005 06:03 pm
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I am free until the 28th! Yay.
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struggled into work this morning with a cold, to find that 3 other people had called in sick. got sent home myself, as wasn't much use. *snuffle*
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note to self: no heraldry jokes at work

Mark: Are you left-handed?
Finn: No...
Abi: He's just sinister.


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