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So, I don't know how many of you heard of this thing a year ago, but there was a 60s television series called 'Star Trek'. A bit of a silly little thing, rather inspired by the better-known 'Forbidden Planet', about the adventures of an Earth ship in the far future. Apart from some books and comics in the 1970s there were no follow-ups to it and it remains largely forgotten after two series.

JJ Abrams, of 'Lost' fame, appears to be highly favoured by Paramount, the eventual rights-holders of this 'Star Trek' series (it was originally produced by Desilu). So he dusted it off and made a film of it. It's quite fun, an action-adventure movie based on this show. Why did nobody think to do that before, eh?
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started reading comic adaption of Anita Blake (another regular series, eep, this is now up to 7 or something now. oh dear). very pretty. i want one!

also reading Transmetropolitan. like. feel no desire to have a spider jerusalem, though.

There is a currently a vast debate raging in Star Trek fandom, about whether to change Kirk's middle initial. In the pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", a gravestone clearly shows his middle initial as "R". But as any fool knows, it is "Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise". The folks who are doing remastered SFX can fix this, no problem, but they're not sure they want to. My solution: change it to "X". "James X. Kirk" sounds so much more spacey, does it not? Also, on a gravestone it is a pun!

The real question is, will they be able to make a more realistic looking CGI toupee for the movies?
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went up to leicester for weekend. exhausted but much enjoyed it. saw too many people to attempt to list. seem to have ordered new corset.

TOS box sets were on sale at Virgin, so I bought season 2. I feel the Star Trek Drinking Game may be a good use of this.

I notice we have another 25-year-old news story being passed off as a recent one. Probe into ex-KGB agent poisoning. I mean, really, do they think we wouldn't notice? At least choose a story that doesn't date so badly.
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We just watched up to the end of season 4. This leaves us with
  • 22 x 40 min episodes of season 5
  • 3 x 90 min TV movies
  • 1 x 90 min pilot
  • 13 x 40 min episodes of crusade
  • 1 x 90 min spin-off pilot (legend of the rangers)
this means there is only thirty hours of b5 left to watch! oh noes! oh and this new straight-to-DVD (Bablyon 5: The Lost Tales) thingy that joe has reported he is directing this week. it supposedly has sheridan and lochley and galen in.
oh, and readers may remember i annoyed a star trek fan. now i annoyed another one, the other way! i get accused of sullying the holy canon of star trek with this talk of the NX-70637, then today i got accused of wishing to elimate NX-70637 from existence. neat. poor uss galaxy, we knew you so little.
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back from b-movie which was rather entertaining. [ profile] landvaettir came round earlier and helped me be green (especially doing my back and neck) : also lent me hair (green falls) and books. and i got in free, woo! † not really very many aliens : myself (orion slave woman), a borg and an andorian. once in was good fun. got to use the line "no? really! what? it happened again? i really must change my soap". danced quite a lot in the last half hour, sporadically before then.

despite being green i seem to have avoided having my photograph taken: arriving after [ profile] reddragdiva left didn't help in this regard. if there are photos that i'm unaware of they will probably pop up on [ profile] bmovie at some point.

got some bad abuse on the way home which rather upset me. but got some compliments later when got closer from a similar group of people. meh, i dunno. drunken idiots will pick on something and being green is a good way to be conspicous i suppose. really need to get this shit sorted out in my head.

should go to sleep now. i expect tomorrow it is my bedclothes that will be green. hurrah.

† the careful observer might note that i spent more on being green than being green saved me. hence the subject, possibly.
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Fellow recovering Star Trek fans may like this interview with Brannon Braga, where he described Threshold as "the worst episode I ever wrote". Go Braga! :)


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