May. 13th, 2006 03:16 am
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back. whee. good night. hair stayed mostly in although the big hairbandy thing kept migrating upwards. pins? danced lots. so very hot.

but not very many people out again :(. tsk. tomorrow is psychocandy, and also i plan to possibly make a test batch of scones

(remember: Saturday 20th: TEA. SCONES. DOCTOR WHO. LORDI. COCKTAILS ETC. DARKSCAPE. possibly in that order. what more does one want from a day? come 3-3.30ish to watch scones being made for FOUR O'CLOCK EXACTLY. bring things to spread on the scones, or teas. or whatever you like really.).

so: consensus about poll is: bad idea!
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anti-joke )

oh, and i appear to have managed to attach woolyhair to my head in a vaguely acceptable manner (you can probably see the real hair looking at it from odd angles, i clearly need more mirrors or maybe a cctv system for checking. or i could dye it black and then it wouldn't matter so much.). off to intelekt in a little while.
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friday evening went to other Abi and Guy's wedding afterparty at Firebug. really fun. it seems good that the council are using the Town Hall for that sort of stuff nowadays - it's a bit better setting than the old registry office.

then, out to Autonomy/Retribution last night (spent more time upstairs due to guest, oh well). wore fluffy hair, which people seemed to like (one person even asked me technical questions about it! eek!). left about 0430, in the end. :) very tired now.
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Went to Carnival of Souls market yesterday with [ profile] vjbseven. Was a bit of a let down really. Got one top, but seems like they were saving the good stuff for Whitby (or maybe I was just feeling uninspired). After this, we returned to Leicester, attempted to dye my hair (which has not taken as well as I would have hoped, but oh well), and watched some DVDs.
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Not a proper poll, because I am poor... but...

What colour should I make my hair be?


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