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I haven't interpreted something overly literally for a while. Let's figure out the logistics of this thing.

spoilers for Black Mirror: White Bear )

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So, I've been enjoying Misfits. It's one of those crazy shows that doesn't have episode names. FTFY.

cut for obscenity: proposed Misfits episode names )
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I really hate Oxford Street. It is long and linear and all in a line, and it takes forever to get from one shop to another because they are all at different ends, and it would be far more efficient if London's central shopping area was actually an area rather than essentially two ribbon developments. Despite this I purchased some rather urgently-required jeans.

Moved boxes with furniture in this evening. It is nice that the pub is on the way back from [ profile] ewtikins's.

Watched new Battlestar Galactica episode last night. Curious. Personally, my theory is that Starbuck is a Skrull, and that Wolverine is a Cylon. This would explain a lot, I feel. Wolverine is able to be in so many books at once because there are many copies of him! I will be watching Katee Sackhoff's chin closely in future episodes.
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a public service announcement: the second series of The IT Crowd starts this evening, 9.30pm, Channel 4.
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life on mars ended as it started: rather oddly, but with a distinct undertone of squee.

huge spoilers )

i can't say i wouldn't like to see a season 3, but i think with an ongoing mystery show you need to rein in and resolve your mysteries eventually: otherwise you end up like the X-Files. But them I'm very much of the school of thought that reckons rewatching a murder-mystery should make you kick yourself at how obvious it was, rather than noticing how they cheated (M. Night Shyamalan, I'm looking at you...). Ashes to Ashes, if that ever gets made, may be worth watching, but I daresay it won't have the sf and mystery elements.


Feb. 14th, 2007 12:02 am
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Life on Mars good! they've established quickly a new narrative thread to replace the one throughout the first series, and its ratcheting things up a notch.

i have some speculation about what will happen in the middle and the end, spoilers for episodes 1 & 2 )

how does this sound? plausible?
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Apparently this year's Big Brother will be set Outside of the Asylum (see explanation). Not fair.
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we've decided on IRC that this year's Big Brother could do with an interesting twist. the one we are thinking of is as follows: carry on as normal, but don't actually broadcast any of it, or conduct actual votes or anything. they may wish to actually keep tapes of things that happen, or not. each week, someone gets evicted (as normal, except that evictions will be decided by whim of producers or by a coinflip) and it is revealed that they have spent X weeks of their life locked away from the world and NOBODY CARES. *cackle* possibly then this moment of revelation is broadcast.

othergates, I finished watching the The Daleks last night and then also watched all of Genesis of the Daleks.

firebug music quiz this evening?
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Only dim memories. Kid's TV series, probably from mid to early 90s. Alien stranded on earth, living in a boy's house. Alien could transfigure into objects, often with comic results. He would sometimes try to contact home. Parents of human protagonist didn't know.

Any idea?
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Life on Mars was particularly woot tonight, I was wondering when they were going to get around to that (the B-plot).

I appear to be going to the batfink after next.

Watching them build the Performing Arts Centre (which is happening at the end of Southampton Street) is interesting. Every day I walk past and they've done a little bit more.

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amused to see a Dead Parrot making national headlines! Excuse me, Miss!
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Saw Wallace and Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Rabbit this evening. Very very very good film. Good pace, inventive, has an insane level of visual detail (I really must get a DVD of this and then stop-frame it), and unashamedly British. You can really see the benefit of the movie budget, in the huge shots of, well, wherever on earth it's set (apparently 1950s Ottle, or maybe Weatherfield).

Compared to A Grand Day Out, which I caught on BBC1 earlier today, it's amazing to see the difference in pace and ambition. That one extracted most of its humour from a small-town Lancashire man and his dog building a spaceship in their basement : subsequent ones have had to move to other forms of funny : visual gags, parody, suchforth. And they do it splendidly.
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I really needed that week off. And I also really need this week off! Too bad. Oxford visit good, if only for being introduced to Dark Angel. :) Damn, more DVDs to buy (if I ever finish watching, um, Angel). Bath visit also good - random beers at the beer festival. Saturday was spent visiting Brean Down (I did manage to climb to the top bit, and far enough along to be able to see Steep Holm, but it quite exhausted me. At least I am getting a bit of exercise these days. Managed to lose nearly a stone since my birthday, through the revolutionary Not Snacking And Walking To Town Instead Of Using The Bus diet.) Saturday night was Entropy, which was quite fun, at least until my headache decided to ruin matters.

In other news, I have new glasses. They are quite a departure in style from my old ones, but I seem to be able to get away with them, so blah.

Is it me or has the posting interface changed?
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I watched the (and my) first episode of Yes Minister today. It is good. Trying to imagine what a modern-day version would be like. :)


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