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I had a wonderful party on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for coming! I seem to have a rather embarrassing alcohol surplus, which I will have to have another party, perhaps sometime in the new year, to drink.

Off work this week (yet again I forgot to take off any time in the summer and am having to use it all up in the last two months of the year), so today I went to Ikea and purchased two more bookcases and a sofabed, which should be being delivered tomorrow. I need to do remaining unpacking but am available for social things.

Reading Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds.


Jun. 27th, 2008 02:15 pm
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Weather forecast is looking reasonable for tomorrow. Yay.

We will convene hereish, in Finsbury Park, at 2pm tomorrow, between the lakey bit and the Manor House entrance.

contact details here. i would be glad of a volunteer to help me transport stuffs, to arrive a bit earlier, anyone?
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I am 29 this month.

I will be having a party on Saturday 28th June. 2pm. The party will be a picnic in Finsbury Park. You are invited.

(party will move to my flat in case of inclemency)
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Sunday afternoon I dragged myself to Hendon along with some of the food from the party for [ profile] ewtikins' emergency picnic. We ate food and chatted. And we got a horn demonstration! Was fun, even if it did involve going out to the wilds of zone 4. Then we rickrolled a squirrel.

Following this I popped back home to pick up games and comics and then to the Pembury, despite being kind of tired. I am glad I did, as the company was excellent.

This evening [ profile] ruthi and [ profile] ewtikins and [ profile] hairyears came and consumed pease.

As I am now satisfied with my mastery of the art of sponge-cake-baking I am going to try for shortbread and flapjacks. I have the recipes my mother uses. Any recommendations?

Tired now. Maybe bedtime.
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People came round and there were scones and hopefully they were OK and i showed people return to the batcave, which turns out to be an excellent party movie, and then they played guitar hero and then my headache got so bad i had to hide in my room for a bit and then it turned out everyone had left without me having the chance to say goodbye to them.


really sorry. thanks for coming, peoples!
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Snowflake was the clear leader. You are all the same anyway! Hah! But, yes, as of now I have not recieved a single negative vote to the other question. So expect to see Terrible Webcomic (provisional name) launch later this month.

A reminder: tea and scones on saturday. I will expecting people from around 3pm or thenabouts. my address is here (friends-locked), map here. Stuff to put on scones, and random people, would be good to bring.

There is crash space if anyone needs it. [ profile] aquarionical tells me he is bringing a Wii (and I hope Guitar Hero). After tea and if people are staying around, I will also likely try to get people drunk on cocktails (unless they don't like being drunk).

I should report that I rotated my front room around. There's a lot more space now.
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due to demand, there is to be tea and scones at my flat on saturday the 16th of February, at tea-time. you are invited.
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flat was succesfully warmed. we didn't end up going to b-movie in the end (except I think [ profile] hairyears?), but i think i can safely say much fun was had.

Somehow, it ended up lasting over 12 hours from first guest arriving to me going to bed, so Saturday was kind of a low-energy day.

Today a parental unit arrived with wardrobe screws & suchforth, and we constructed my wardrobe, which is very much more agreeable assembled than as bits scattered throughout by bedroom, I find.

Pembury this evening!
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re other post, relevant details follow here:

i should like to make it clear to all concerned that not only do i respect [ profile] landvaettir's 1337 Cointreau-imbibing skillz, i phear them.

kthx bye.
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odd weekend, overall. there's a better word for it than that, but nevermind. barely ate anything saturday and had few people over for flatcooling : popped into intelekt later, very quiet indeed. was too tired to really stay.

we need to find another housemate, as the american chap who lives in the room downstairs is going back to america. who wants to live in a nice house in seven sisters?

been working hard last few days, interspersed with discovering the british library's collection of obscure government papers and acts and SIs and stuff.

oh, and i have the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster now!
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right, there is to be some form of flatcooling party in leicester at my flat around 6ish. i am just setting off from my house now. numbers and directions here
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party went reasonably well. scones seem to go down well. had some left over so took them down to retribution afterwards and gave them to people. we were all entertained by doctor who, and then singing along the eurovision songs to the wrong tunes (see below). went then to darkscape, which was also very entertaining but my headache kicked in. :( oh well.


May. 20th, 2006 08:42 pm
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we are watching the danish entry to eurovision. we are, however, not actually listening to it. we are instead listening to Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails. we have the lyrics up on red button. we are singing along to it to the tune of NIN. whee!

Worship me as a God, pitiful fools! (that last bit was someone else, i.e. [ profile] landvaettir)

update: and now the Russian entry to Hurt. this rules.

now: Greek entry to We're In It Together Now

we actually listened to Lordi. Obviously.

and now: Ukraine to Mein Teil by Rammstein (we got the lyrics 'my part' on the screen to line up with 'Mein Teil' with the song without trying too hard).

the Irish entry, Every Song is a Cry for Love, is obviously Every Day Is Exactly the Same by NIN
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Tomorrow. Arrive from 3pm for scones at 4pm. directions are here. If that's locked for you leave a comment and I'll email you or whatever. Bring toppings for scones or teas if you like.

For later, I have in plenty of various spirits, and lots of strongbow. I also have about a dozen bottles of beer which, as described earlier, I seem to keep winning. This is mainly carlsberg. Things to put in cocktails may also be good to bring. If you wish to crash over, try to bring a sleeping bag (I have 2 here if needed).

Oh, and if anyone needs vegan scones, please let me know. My recipe involves milk products (no eggs), but I can use substitutes if needed.


May. 13th, 2006 03:16 am
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back. whee. good night. hair stayed mostly in although the big hairbandy thing kept migrating upwards. pins? danced lots. so very hot.

but not very many people out again :(. tsk. tomorrow is psychocandy, and also i plan to possibly make a test batch of scones

(remember: Saturday 20th: TEA. SCONES. DOCTOR WHO. LORDI. COCKTAILS ETC. DARKSCAPE. possibly in that order. what more does one want from a day? come 3-3.30ish to watch scones being made for FOUR O'CLOCK EXACTLY. bring things to spread on the scones, or teas. or whatever you like really.).

so: consensus about poll is: bad idea!
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so. the scone party is planned for Saturday 20th May. Sorry if I've set this so you can't make it, had to make decision one way or another. the plan is tea and scones in afternoon (it will be served at 4pm PRECISELY). people will be invited to bring jams, marmalades, honeys, if they feel like it. if you turn up around 3.30pm you even get to see me make the scones.

this will be optionally followed later in evening by apparently still unnamed event (see after setlist). Watching the 2nd part of the Doctor Who 2-parter might also feature. people will be welcome to drink the beer i keep winning, etc.

It should be good. I even bought a teapot and everything! Crash space available, let me know if you need it. I figure I can sleep 4-6 people in front room [ and i've had an offer of space from someone else too ]. See the directions.
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So I'll be having my long-awaited tea and scone party in May. It will be at my flat in Leiester. Scones will be served at precisely 4pm. There will be tea, various sorts of jam and other fillings (you are invited to bring samples of your own for people to try), and radio 4! I'm not really sure how long it will last, maybe a couple of hours. Or whether we'll be spiking the tea. So anyway, a poll for the date, and to get some idea of numbers:

[Poll #716194]


Feb. 6th, 2005 06:56 pm
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The party (and electrotribe) in pictures (apart from the bits where nobody took any)

The camera got rather screwed up so many of the distance shots were unusable. Unfortunately these included all ones of me! Other people also escaped photography somehow.

the pictures : many images )

I quite like the power that taking photographs in clubs gives me. Muhaha. I shall have to bring my camera next time I'm out, too!
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Generally a good party, and then a good night out. Alarmingly I wasn't the last to bed, I think alexa and zub went at 9am, and other people may not have gone to bed at all. Thanks to everyone for coming, especially on such short notice (especially [ profile] keturner who I harassed on IRC to come yesterday!), and sorry for chucking you out - my parents are kind of exhausted now and needed their house back.

I took loads of photos at the club which I will sort out in a bit. I found a straw that glows in the UV and then waved it around a lot, so does that make me a cybergoff? Four people told [ profile] alexa_robinson she looked like Trinity from the Matrix (although one said Lara Craft), which I think is a quorum.

Full list of attendees

[ profile] abigailb (me, obviously)
[ profile] alexa_robinson
[ profile] keturner
[ profile] ickle_yuki
[ profile] nvivison
[ profile] x_mass
[ profile] zub (my brother)

Non-LJ people were Sam (Bingo) and Ruan (Serriadh) from Cryosphere. A special mention must go to Bingo who managed to drive from Gloucester to Leicester via Stoke! However, the award for stupidity goes to Serriadh, for his self-inflicted injury acquired whilst going downstairs and pretending to be a monkey.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the time I actually went to bed at today. Yay.
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Its 6.18 in the morning, or as I prefer to call it TWENTY PAST THIRTY, and i am going to bed.


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