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So, cleaners in London (E17). Any recommendations?
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Happy new year!


Jun. 26th, 2009 12:26 pm
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It feels a lot like being 29 and 364 days, really. Definitely the most awesome birthday I've had in a while, though, and that's just so far. ;-)
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On 1st January 2009, I was awoken (well, I wasn't really asleep), by a phone call at about 0930. This rather annoyed me - who calls people that early on Monday morning?

It was an automated call from Barclaycard asking to speak to a "Manif Yasim". I am not a Barclaycard customer and I never have been.

It asked for their customer number, if that was me, and options for me, if I was someone else, to tell them that "Manif Yasim" would call back later. There was no option to speak to a live operator, and attempts to type nonsense in or strange noises at the prompt did not get me to a live operator.

I've not seen any post for that person here. This repeated an hour later, and then an hour later. The third time I was actually coherent enough to grab a pen to write down the contact number it provided for Manif Yasim to call back (0844 811 0324). Three times I phoned this, each time asking for the phone number to be removed from their database and there not to be any calls made to me again. Three times I was told this was done. Eventually, they stopped. But maybe that was just because

On Saturday, I got another phone call, from Barclaycard, asking to speak to Manif Yasim. This time I am writing the times down. I get called again at 10.09, and I call the contact number again and explain my predicament. This time I am put through to an external number, 0151 473 2528, where I talk to someone. She says she has removed the number from the system. I go to Ikea for about an hour and a half, and when I return, I get calls again at 12.02 and 12.56. I phone the Liverpool number again, and this time I am told they can't find my number on their system at all. I am further told that the system in any case should not be calling me hourly - maybe twice a day, but not that often. Maybe, they say, the day's jobs have already been generated and I am just getting backlog calls. They will stop after the overnight run has happened.

Today, I got a call from the same people at 08.36. And then I went to work. When I got back from work, I got one at 19.21. I call again, and am told my number is not in their system, and that maybe it was just because it was removed at a weekend.

I think this sort of system ought to be illegal, frankly. Any database-generated call ought to have some way of breaking out to a human. But that's not the point. How on Earth can I speak to someone who is actually capable of stopping this? I'm at my wits end.
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Oh, and a happy Yule/Newtonmass/Hogswatch/Tree Day/Christmas/Sol Invictus.
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Weekend was good, and life is looking up. :)

[ profile] karen2205's picnic in Cambridge in Saturday was a success, and people seemed to eat my flapjacks.

Horrible headache this morning was displaced by drugs. Some inconsiderate people were having a music festival in Finsbury Park, which didn't help, as all I could hear in any room of the flat was a dull boom boom boom. So I started listening to complicated-textured metal and that seemed to make it go away. Headaches are strange, sometimes.

Then went to pub this afternoon. At first it was just me and [ profile] psych0naut, but then [ profile] nyecamden and [ profile] aster13, followed by [ profile] shevek and then a surprise afpmeet, and then a [ profile] ali_in_london and a [ profile] khalinche (not forgetting all the people i'm forgetting, of course). so the evening was full of beer and talking and otherwise enjoyably interacting with nice people.

bedtime for abi now.
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Had a note from underlying-landlord through door today. The site is being redeveloped and I will need to find somewhere else to live by the end of December 2008. This is a shame, because I was actually quite liking it here.

in which abigail discusses house prices. oh noes! if this offends you, do not read. )

Update: Actually, looking at the other pieces of paper more carefully, they in fact want me out by September the 17th. Confusing. Will phone.
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i am 29.

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the number 29 bus has claimed my wallet (and 35 quid) for the second time in a year. grrrrrrrrrrr. almost certainly stolen, right out of my bag.

cancelled card. reported it to the met (unlike last time, when I couldn't be bothered). bastards. i was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening and now there is all this stress.

damn bank

May. 20th, 2008 12:00 pm
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Timeline, mostly for my own reference

damn bank )
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  • We finished season 1 of Babylon 5 yesterday.
  • I slept particularly badly last night. [ profile] ruthi has given me a book about sleeping properly, which seems to contain lots of sensible advice about making sure your sleeping environment is set up properly and such forth. I cannot really replace my bed, though.
  • I went to the bank yesterday. They were very nice at me. Not nice enough to stop using inappropriate honorifics though. I am going back tomorrow.
  • It is election day. I have voted. Polls close at 10pm.
  • It is Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.
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there seems to be an [ profile] eldritchreality downstairs now. apparently he woke up about 24 hours ago, travelled to southampton to hand in thesis, and then up to london.
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27! thanks all.

rather anticlimatic today after the weekend. i suppose i am now officially in my late 20s. eek. may go buy myself a present tuesday.

today's uncyclopedia roundup consists of : Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip featuring philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes (not mine), Sixth International ([ profile] warofdreams) and finally my Gilbert and Sullivan Islands (this has been stewing in my brane for a long time, I find it very hard to think of the real Gilbert and Ellice Islands without the name popping into mind)

do people want to attempt the music quiz tomorrow?
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Covenant (and support bands) good. Rest of evening also good. :)

very tired now. will have to injest caffeine on way to Sheffield.
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i cannot locate my passport. or my back payslips. or a rather important letter. these were being all kept safe in a box type thing. i am worried that i might have thrown them all out. :(

update: yay, they were all at my parents. i now have a shiny filing cabinet to put them in too.
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So. It's the second half of the year! I set myself a number of objectives at the start of the year. So far I have done one of them - go swimming (but only once). I've attempted another (to move out), but have failed miserably so far. The other (driving) I haven't bothered with. Apart from this, it's been a reasonably good 6 months really. Been to more pubs and drank many more pints than in the equivilant period in 2004. I might make charts demonstrating this.
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today I made scones and read The Man In The High Castle. but not at the same time.
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The good thing about summer is that I find it easy to get up to go to work. The bad thing about summer is that I find it hard to lie in on Sundays.

Sin City this afternoon, 16.00 showing at the Odeon.
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went out for meal with family last night, quite good to get together outside of the house. etc etc. in the main bar as we were leaving we noticed a certain football match, the score being 3 nil. by the time we had got home the score was 3 all. this is possibly the only time i will ever post about football.

today was rather a less stressful day than yesterday. have spent evening at RON's leaving pissup, which has seen me get more drunk than i have in as along as I can remember, and i still haven't thrown up, which is always a good thing. ez was there which is also a good thing.
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Having a little thunderstorm at the moment. Wonder how it is in other bits of Leicester?


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