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Of course it turns out Thought Bubble is being held over the Doctor Who 50th anniversary weekend. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING. I might just skip it this year, because I am not going to be able to keep my mind on comics.
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I committed a piece of Journey Into Mystery fan-art. Well, fan-industrial design (a term that I believe I have coined). I posted it to tumblr last night, and various people reblogged it (including Kieron). Unfortunately when I looked at it again in the morning, I realise I screwed up the font for the bottom part. The actual font that The Hacienda used wasn't Futura, but it was close, so I tried to use that, but somehow didn't get the bottom text in that. Lesson: do not do fan industrial design when tired.

Here it is:

I can't see any way of fixing my original post on tumblr, sadly.

The Manchester Gods arc of Journey Into Mystery (#639-#641) is turning into my single favourite comic read of the year. I'm going to buy in in trade or hardcover and make everyone read it.


May. 22nd, 2012 09:57 pm
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As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Kapow! at the weekend, at the Islington Business Centre. I enjoyed it - people were quite friendly and chatty, there was lots of indie and small press stuff to buy. I went to just a couple of panels - the Cup O' Joe and AvX panel, which overlapped a fair bit.

Got various comics signed by various people (Cornell, Quesada, Granov, Quitely, Gillen, Ross, Weston). Had brief chat with Jonathan Ross where I thanked him for (eventually) apologising for his stupid joke earlier in the year - what he said in response makes me believe he really does get why it upset people so, and why those complaints deserved to be taken seriously.

The most exciting bit, though, was me getting a sketch by Chris Weston (of Dynamic Man from The Twelve) - the first I've had done at a con. I have framed it and should put it on my wall.

MCM Expo is this weekend. It'd be mad to go to that, as well, wouldn't it? Hmm.
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I went to the MCM Comic Expo on Sunday. It was fun. Mostly I wandered around aimlessly marvelling at things. Things or people I saw:

  • Robot boxing
  • Gail Simone, who signed my Batgirl #1 and #2
  • A Torchwood panel
  • Many cosplayers. Marvel spots included a particularly good Pixie (who apparently was with a Boba Fett who had been getting all the attention), a Loki, a Wiccan, at least two Mystiques (a comics one and a movie one), a Phoenix, a Skrull Ms. Marvel and, a Cap.

I should dress up next time, or something.
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we met Alan Moore and he signed things for us (LOEG: Black Dossier, and the Mindscape of Alan Moore DVD). he was nice. i managed to retain a kind of vague coherency and talked to him. yay.
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  • We finished season 1 of Babylon 5 yesterday.
  • I slept particularly badly last night. [ profile] ruthi has given me a book about sleeping properly, which seems to contain lots of sensible advice about making sure your sleeping environment is set up properly and such forth. I cannot really replace my bed, though.
  • I went to the bank yesterday. They were very nice at me. Not nice enough to stop using inappropriate honorifics though. I am going back tomorrow.
  • It is election day. I have voted. Polls close at 10pm.
  • It is Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

comics post

Mar. 7th, 2008 09:41 pm
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only very mild spoilers throughout

Buffy Season 8 continues interesting. Joss and the other writers have really managed to capture the 'voice' of the characters, and the artwork, despite not being actual likenesses of the actors necessarily, also tends towards good (although there is odd panel where I am like wtf?)spoilers )

The Boys, Garth Ennis's anti-cape title, spoilers ) I enjoy this, although it is shockingly gratuitous at times. Apparently there is a film option on this. If Watchmen does well, I expect this will be greenlighted.

Watchmen costumes have been posted. They look more or less what they said they would look like.

The Twelve has got to issue #3 (of 12, natch). We are seeing how the various characters are adjusting to life in 2008.spoilers ) Chris Weston, the artist for this, is doing a signing at Orbital Comics later this month. I may go.

I have been reading back issues of X-Men, with the intention of reading all of up to the present day. I am up to #161, spoilers for x-men from early 1980s ) i got Essential X-Men vol 4 yesterday, which will take me up to #179. so then that'll just be 294 issues of that series left then (and 100 or so of the other one)

I have also been reading present issues. not much to say, except eek, I bought a Cable solo book! oh, and eek, I bought a Wolverine solo book! Oh, and X-Men: First Class #9 is utterly squee. Wouldn't Wanda and Jean make a nice couple!


Jan. 28th, 2008 06:16 pm
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Well, Messiah Complex and the first arc of Brand New Day have ended now, so I think it's time for another comics post.

Messiah Complex started slowly, but the weekly shipping schedule, combined with its use of four books' regular casts, meant it didn't drag too badly. By about halfway through, stuffs had really started to happen. The ending shakes up the status quo a lot spoiler ). But we've seen that sort of thing before, so as to whether the new status quo will stick, or whether they'll get the band back together again in the next few months, we'll see. Uncanny 500 is out soon, which they'll want to do something important for. Overall, it gets my thumbs up. I don't think it would work as a standalone thing though, as it heavily ties into recent X-Men and New X-Men arcs and probably needs them to make sense. One can easily read it without following X-Factor or Uncanny X-Men, though.

Astonishing #24 was also out. This doesn't resolve the current arc, damn him, which will instead be resolved in Giant-Sized Astonishing #1. It looks, given CENSORED, that the second half of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men fits between "Blinded By The Light" and "Messiah Complex", and the curious CENSORED of CENSORED in "Messiah Complex" makes it look much more likely that Joss is going to CENSORED or at least CENSORED CENSORED. The bastard.

Now One More Day has reset the clock on Spider-Man's character growth, Brand New Day has picked up the reins. I can't really put it better than this does (read the wording carefully especially at the bottom).


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:09 pm
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i have been continuing to read too many comics. if anything, my habit has got worse since since september. Let's see what's on my list at the moment.

spoilers for recent marvel comics, including One More Day )

Buffy season 8 continues good. I picked up an Angel: After the Fall comic (same idea, Angel season 6) and was rather confused by it. angel: after the fall spoilers ), before i realised that it was issue #2. doh.

by the way, i am happy to lend stuffs to peoples.
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have to get up early tomorrow to catch a 0840 flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam - going to IBC. at least i'm on the piccadilly line...

i've realised B-Movie is next weekend, not today, so i can go! woot! i am pondering dressing to theme (v for vendetta/generic superheroes) some of these are more complicated than others

[Poll #1051731]

eep: squirrel girl is winning so far... she is utterly awesome, though, having pwned Doctor Doom's ass.
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work is good. the area around leicester square appears curiously unmapped so have been doing stuffs there. holborn was better for sandwich shops (or possibly i've just not explored deep enough into the twisty backstreets of soho... we'll see)

i got buffy season 8 #1 today! spoiler ) also i have finished volume 1 of Top Ten finally, and am started on volume 2. this is being quite entertaining, but not especially brilliant.
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weekend was cool. [ profile] squirmelia's party on saturday, followed by an adjournment to feeling gloomy. note to self in future, though: either get drunk beforehand or like carling.

then, board games on sunday. i co-won War on Terror as the Terrorists, with [ profile] timeplease and [ profile] fluffymormegil, and then mostly sat the games out for the rest of the evening, reading and doing the cryptic crossword from thelondonpaper. i like this crossword because it makes me feel clever : possibly the paper's sole redeeming feature. (the Metro's is Nemi, I have yet to see a point to The London Lite).

i am reading The Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft. it is nice, but it doesn't scare me! :( i mean, ok, perhaps this has a little to do with the plushie cthulhu which is downstairs and the gradual desensitation of people to horror fiction in the last 80 years, but still. the anthology is a little weighty to read all at once, so i'm lining up The Demolished Man as next read after this novella.

random reviews of things )

but now i am tired and i should go to bed for i have to be up early tomorrow for a trip to hertfordshire.
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started reading comic adaption of Anita Blake (another regular series, eep, this is now up to 7 or something now. oh dear). very pretty. i want one!

also reading Transmetropolitan. like. feel no desire to have a spider jerusalem, though.

There is a currently a vast debate raging in Star Trek fandom, about whether to change Kirk's middle initial. In the pilot episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", a gravestone clearly shows his middle initial as "R". But as any fool knows, it is "Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise". The folks who are doing remastered SFX can fix this, no problem, but they're not sure they want to. My solution: change it to "X". "James X. Kirk" sounds so much more spacey, does it not? Also, on a gravestone it is a pun!

The real question is, will they be able to make a more realistic looking CGI toupee for the movies?
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A Quantum Murder by Peter F. Hamilton. Didn't like this as much as Mindstar Rising. It had narrative exposition which was pretty clumsy having read the other book immediately beforehand : and it doesn't really offer anything new in terms of speculation. The core mystery/whodunnit was well-executed. I shall read the third book in the trilogy, The Nano Flower at some point. probably leaving a bit longer in between this time.

Spike graphic novel thingy: Three one-shots. First one was good, second one had one particularly jarring section that didn't really work for me. Third one was rather entertaining.

The Difference Engine by Sterling and Gibson. I am reading this at the moment, not very far in. Is good. Amused by pun in title (it's really talking about the analytical engine, but of course it made a difference... or it could just be a mistake). Liked cameo of Disraeli.

Must read more steampunk : it is after all a thematic influence on the mud (the idea being that the mud has what would usually in SF be considered anachronistically early space travel, whilst keeping computers and AI crap, along with colonial empires/Scramble for the Stars et al - 2300 AD does the same setup but in a different way by having a devastating nuclear war in between, and tends towards more cyber stuff which i was trying to avoid. 2300 AD (or its predessor, Traveller, I forget which) was apparently also a major influence on Elite/Frontier, so i am in good company), but I was never well read in it.

In my queue are: Lullaby, Neverwhere, Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained. Suggestions welcome.

oh, and i decided what my novel is going to be. i just need to write it now. when is nanowrimo?
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i went to leicester yesterday. being the clever abi i was i bought a return ticket. oops. i returned by car, of course, with lots of dvds and books and also a television, which is now in the front room. it feels a bit less like i'm an intruder now i have stuff in that room.

after this i explored. this consisted of going down the A10 and spending time in a couple of pubs in Stoke Newington whilst reading graphic novels. in the first one (the Rochester Castle, a weatherspoons), I got talking to a couple of random people, including someone who was using long words and then correcting himself and using short ones instead. which is a bit interesting. The second pub (the Coach and Horses) seemed very nice and had good music.

i shall detail graphic novels i have read lately:

graphic novels i have read lately )

what should i be keeping my eyes peeled out for here? There's a whole bunch of Alan Moore related stuff out soon, i know (Black Dossier, Albion, Lost Girls)...
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fun evening in pub with lots of goffics. hello [ profile] fuzzygoth person

seem to be in comic book movie mode for the moment. watched Return to the Batcave this afternoon, which is a tv movie made in 2003 which features Adam West and Burt Ward playing themselves but in a kind of distorted reality. they pursue the thieves of the Batmobile. Very very weird indeed. Possibly one to avoid when on drugs.

marvel 1602

Jun. 1st, 2006 05:15 pm
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Prompted by my X-Men watching, I decided to read Marvel 1602 the other day. this is an interesting beast, a Neil Gaiman-penned work about the 1960s Lee/Kirkby-created Marvel heroes appearing 400 years too early, and going into both the consequences of that and the reasons why. I'm not hugely into the background material, but was able to figure out much of it on my own (had to look up a few people to see who they were supposed to be. Handily it comes with a dramatis personae at the start.) I heartily recommend it and will lend it out if anyone wants.
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saw x-men 3 with [ profile] darkstream and [ profile] cyniborg, very entertaining. reading about it now, very annoyed didn't stay past credits, since there is a way cool sequence there. drunk. etc.
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watched X-Men Monday on DVD (having had it for ages and not having got around to watching it yet) and then X2 just now. hoping the next one has a big Captain Picard vs Gandalf deathmatch! ;)

also: Wolverine reminds me of Zathras from Babylon 5 for some reason. Zathras not like that! Zathras going to bare Zathras's claws and chop you up into little bits!


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