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My parents went on holiday earlier this year (and far far away). This was still there:

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I fulfilled a long-held ambition today, that I've had since I moved to east London, of going to Southend-on-Sea: the natural holiday resort for people in this part of London in days gone by. It was alright. There was a credible seafront, a groovy-looking fun park, and best of all: an actual sand beach. The pier was long (we walked there and then caught the little train back), but there wasn't as much at the end of it as I might have hoped. But hey. We didn't do much then a recon, was too tired. Would go again. Definitely worth taking a bucket and spade.

One curious thing is the new (or apparently refurbished/expanded) Victoria shopping centre, which was very shiny and clean and new, but had very poor occupancy and was virtually deserted at what should be the busiest shopping time, Saturday afternoon. I know this isn't exactly the best time to be opening retail, but Westfield London and Highcross Leicester have managed much better occupancy rates.

We got the train from Liverpool Street-Southend Victoria. For the way back I got the idea to get an excess to make the return ticket valid from Southend Central-Fenchurch Street, thus going on a different line, but the person at the Southend Central ticket office refused to sell an excess. Also seem to have got a Network Railcard, which is a pretty good deal and I should have got before Eastbourne.
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Back. Flat is still here. Really quite tired, having not slept on the overnight flight, but had a bit of a nap in the afternoon (must have been tired if I managed that...) Probably going to be at the pub Sunday evening.
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have to get up early tomorrow to catch a 0840 flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam - going to IBC. at least i'm on the piccadilly line...

i've realised B-Movie is next weekend, not today, so i can go! woot! i am pondering dressing to theme (v for vendetta/generic superheroes) some of these are more complicated than others

[Poll #1051731]

eep: squirrel girl is winning so far... she is utterly awesome, though, having pwned Doctor Doom's ass.
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there were mice on the northern line at tottenham court road.

this is all.
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back home now. will write long update tomorrow. briefly -
  • wearing steel toe-cap boots through metal detectors is a bad idea
  • apfelwein (frankfurt/hesse cider) is bitter but palatable. for some reason, it is offered diluted as well as neat. when i drank some at the funfair i was mocked as if they could not believe a foreigner would have neat apfelwein. this would make sense except it tastes quite weak.
  • some wikipedians aren't geeks!
  • a crazy man wants to start up sign language wikipedias, featuring video footage of people signing articles. this i think will be very interesting to edit!
  • has a limited life expectancy
  • richard stallman is still mad
  • i should make openid support for mediawiki
  • jimbo can dance.
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hello. i am in frankfurt in germany at wikimania, writing this on my kind icelandic roommates laptop that has punctuation in strange places so you will have to bear with me.

wikimania has been quite fun so far. went to several interesting talks today, particularly the one about wikipedia and the developing world. i have also been drinking german cider (called apfelwein), which is apparently a local specialty.

etc etc. we must arrange something to replace merciless!
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Flying to Frankfurt for Wikimania on Thursday, on BA0904. This will entail leaving the house at 6am on Thursday. Erk. Still need to pack/sort out my E111. And get money.

There are apparently going to be terminals there so will be able to update (and indeed to edit) a bit.


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