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myself, [ profile] doseybat and [ profile] fluffymark went to the pub quiz at the Oakdale Arms this evening, and came joint last-but-one. we got questions right that the winning team didn't, so we didn't shame ourselves too badly, mind. Might do it again if we can get more people covering broader subjects. Also, we saw [ profile] timeplease's kittens, which are teh cute.
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quiz tonight?

update: apparently not. meh.
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music quiz this evening. i think i caused a net +1 to be added to the team's score. i'm not sure why i bother really (about anything). on the upside, i've had an AWFUL LOT OF CIDER.

so i was talking to the rest of the team and it turns out they'd never heard of POKEY THE PENGUIN, can you believe it?

Some good strips are Pokey #1 Pokey #2 (Pokey and his Friends) Pokey has an Identical Twin The Forbidden Candy Pokey and Yekop (in which pokey deals with his counterpart from an alternate universe) Welcome to Rum Island The Skeptopotamus The Power of Democray/You Can Count On Stalin. How can you not love a comic which has lines like 'HERE ON RUM ISLAND WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN RUM!'?

Also those of you who are geometrically inclined should check out a cartoon which has EVEN WORSE ARTWORK, Triangle and Robert, which is about a triangle called, um, Triangle, and a rhombus called Robert. They insult their cartoonist. A lot. (here for the main page, earlier link was archive)

And bizarre road sign experiment (hunt around the site for more).

oh, and i appear to have ended up with 2 more bottles of beer somehow. the the cupboard with them! (i now have TWELVE!)
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well, i enjoyed it, though we ([ profile] abigailb, [ profile] cyniborg, [ profile] darkstream, [ profile] intelektchrist) did not quite win (internet does think it's hera, not vesta/hestia, anyway, by the way. and the internet is always right) it's not as good as the one the marquis used to have, but oh well. i think half the team that made it doesn't want to come again though. so this leaves next week looking rather unlikely. but i still feel the need for a general knowledge pub quiz! what can we do?

oh, and when eurovision comes round please everyone vote for Lordi!
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barely 12 hours after we had been chucked out of Firebug at closing time at 1am or so on Tuesday/Wednesday night, i found myself back there lunching with [ profile] tankgirlinblack. maybe i should move in?

Doctor Who report: have watched Spearhead from Space now, with [ profile] zub (which means i can give it back to [ profile] greeba finally sorry). We found this quite entertaining. Also watched most of The Daleks, which was the 2nd ever serial. Can you spoil a 43 year old TV show? Well, I was surprised by this anyway so let's pretend you can. )

Swan and Rushes quiz tonight! 8.30! Bring your useless trivia general knowledge!
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today's pub quiz team consisted of myself, [ profile] darkstream, [ profile] greeba, [ profile] cyniborg, [ profile] riak and [ profile] eldritchreality. WE WON! Hurrah. i am one hundred and fifty pence richer than i was when i walked into the bar!

some of us, in a fit of pub quiz overload, have decided to try the Swan and Rushes' (map here) pub quiz on Thursday, as well to see how we like it (i want to do a general knowledge one again, I miss them). come along and see how you like it! i'll be there from about 8.30pm, quiz supposedly starts 9pm.
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firebug music quiz this evening again. let's hope i don't win any more beer ;)
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Bicurious Pandas consisted of just me and [ profile] greeba this time. We (by which I mean mostly greeba) got 63 or so points apparently which seemed a bit low as we'd thought we'd done quite well (considering). So in the fine tradition of Mr Berlusconi, we demanded a recount. And got 75 or so. We still only came 4th, so no beer.

I am officially to be going to the next Batfink up in Sheffield on May 5th (shall be staying with [ profile] warofdreams). Since people I know keep moving to (or just being in) Sheffield this may be good opportunity to meet up with some of you.
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pub quiz was quite fun. albiet that i was no use and merely got very drunk. and i seem to have ended up with another bottle of beer which will no doubt go in the cupboard in a few minutes.

but i draw a mean Sierpinski's triangle. so that's ok.
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Tuesday: Cafe Scientifique. Interesting, but aimed at an audience that wasn't me. Seem to have agreed to help with running it a bit more. Eek.

Wednesday: Visited parents.

Thursday: Swan and Rushes pub quiz. This was pretty good, although has themed rounds that we weren't much good at. We're not sure whether we came last or not.

Friday: snore

Saturday: [ profile] vjbseven and [ profile] qfyd came round in evening, and we tried a strange new form of alcohol. that turned out to have bananas in it. oh well. went to psychocandy, became very drunk, had good time, then became tired and went home.

Sunday: saw The Corpse Bride, with people. this was generally enjoyable, although rather sane for a tim burton film.
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In reverse order:

Inspection of flat went OK. He only briefly poked his nose in, just long enough to check that I hadn't knocked any walls through really. Which I haven't, so that's alright then.

Went to the Criterion's pub quiz, with [ profile] vjbseven, [ profile] qfyd and [ profile] bx_83. This was not really what we were looking for, alas. Questions were good but were handed out on a piece of paper, and there the answer bit lacked oomph. Also we came last but one (we ere team Noobs). So not sure we'd do the quiz there again. However, they have a fine beer menu.

Recovered from being ill. After I got back home Monday, I spent a while being active and then spent most of the day in bed. Think I made it much worse for myself by trying to go to work. Oh well.
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Marquis pub quiz still unholy. Which makes sense really, considering the name of the new owners. Oh well. What other general knowledge pub quizzes are there in Leicester? Apparently there is going to be Karaoke on Friday there! Tsh!

Going to Carnival of Souls market thingy on Saturday.
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back from the first new Marquis pub quiz, with [ profile] vjbseven and [ profile] drjane and [ profile] grim_tim. not a patch on the old one. it is an unholy cross of pub quiz with bingo )

i seem to have 5 more sandmen now. well, there goes my plan for sleeping tonight. ;)

Oh, and the answer was Occupation Road. (you know the question, or not)
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pub quiz tonight. we got 22/31, which is kind of bad, but again mainly due to celebrities. i was quite proud to have remembered the name of Bernard Weatherill, the Speaker before Boothroyd. Due to a typo (writo? penno?) we ended up with 4 beer tokens. Which I have nicked and plan to use to make me very popular at work this coming week. Muhahaha.
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back from the Marquis Wellington's pub quiz, where me, [ profile] bx_83 and [ profile] qfyd managed to get 20 out of 31 points. we broke the wrong down by category - 5 were sports-related, 4 were pictures of celebrities, 1 was music and 1 was food. we definitely need sports/celebrity knowledge.

there is no pub quiz next week, which frankly suits me fine as i will have just returned from Reading and will probably need an early night.

yay, Reading!!!!
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music quiz at the Gateway this evening. failed to get a single answer right! think i had better stick to the general knowledge ones.

keys tomorrow!
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didn't do so well at pub quiz this week. team consisted of me, [ profile] vjbseven, [ profile] lost_species, [ profile] drjane, [ profile] grim_tim, [ profile] qfyd, [ profile] bx_83. we got 23/31, when the winners got 28 and [ profile] thinking_thing's team got 27. tsh.

i will now live in eternal shame that i didn't know what the capital of Uganda (Kampala) was.

otherdoors, work has been ok recently.
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pub quiz went much better than last week. a team consisting of myself, [ profile] bx_83 [ profile] drjane, [ profile] grimtim, [ profile] lost_species, [ profile] qfyd, [ profile] vjbseven and my dad (who curiously does not have a livejournal) came SECOND. woohoo. we got 26/31, and the team that won got 27/31. If we had stuck to our original answer on 2 questions rather than second-guessing ourselves we would have come 1st equal. Oh well. We won a bottle of wine in the raffle, at least.
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pub quiz at the Marquis tonight, with [ profile] lost_species, [ profile] qfyd, [ profile] vjbseven and [ profile] bx_83. we lost, but not badly with 18/31. we will have to get more people next time. maybe i should bring my dad, he would know the sports answers.


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