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[ profile] darkscape_club was very good last weekend. was worried about head but managed to stay out quite late. had hell to pay on the Sunday though. Cafe Scientifique on Tuesday was about ancient Egyptian astronomy and was really interesting. To top off yesterday's excitement, when I woke up and turned my computer on, I discovered that the hard disk had died. Put off buying a replacement until this afternoon and I'd had the phone call. In other news, I have been developing a cold. I'll try not to give it to anyone at [ profile] zootalures amd [ profile] 561's wedding on Saturday. (I'm very glad I took the precaution of phoning the hotel earlier this week confirming my booking: they hadn't got it on record. But do now. And I even have an email to prove it.)

Oh, and it's my birthday on Monday. I shall be 27.
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back from mudmeet. rather entertaining. also knackering. finished The Catcher In The Rye up there, and then started Frankenstein on the way down. the rather dissimilar textual styles (although i note they are both written as first-person narratives/correspondence) have vaguely tempted me to rewrite Frankenstein in a more modern mode of speech. Robert Walton's first message to his sister could be thus:

Hi Maggie. Got into St Petersburg yesterday, very cold. Planning to discover Northwest Passage. Been whaling lots, even got hired as first mate. Off to Arkhangelsk in a couple of weeks! Will keep in touch. x Rob.

Except translate that to txt.

upcoming week currently rather quiet:

you will note absence of any form of pub quiz. :( I'll be happy to do Thursday's again if other people go, though don't want to turn up there on my own.

Happy birthdays to [ profile] doctor_tron and to William Shakespeare!

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Cafe Scientifique this evening, concerning forensic pathology. Have written quiz. Hopefully won't overlap too much with the topic of the talk. Decided to not make it be about zombies at all. (the byline of the talk was "speaking for the dead", I was pondering making it be about a group of dead that could speak very well for themselves, thankyou, as long as what they wanted to say was "brains").
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CSL yesterday was good. Average guess for number of sweeties was 140, a bit above the real figure of 110.

They seem to have started work on what used to be The Spread Eagle on Charles Street. Signage has been removed, it has been painted blackish, and it has a "TO LET : CAFE BAR/RESTUARANT" sign.
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Cafe Scientifique was very good.

I have my old glasses back now, repaired. Despite the fact that these and the spares had exactly the same prescription, everything (well, my monitor) now looks tiny. Curious.

Is anyone in Leicester at the weekend? It seems everyone is off places, either Whitby or just anywhere that isn't Leicester.
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Cafe Scientifique does Evolution tonight. Hope it will be good, especially after last fortnights.

Is it me or has Galloway studiously avoided denying that Saddam offered him money/vouchers?
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cafe scientifique tonight. will be taking my copy of The Science of Discworld 2 along to get signed.

My flat is progressing nicely. Furniture has been assembled, and the big TV moved there, in my absence, by family. I now have a sideboard that nicely seperates the kitchen area from the living area and provides me lots more storage. Now have pigeonhole keys and the inventory of the flat to go through. My first two pieces of post are spam, including one that seems to have been hand-delivered.
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Cafe Scientifique re-starts on Tuesday, with a talk by Jack Cohen of Science of Discworld fame, on the topic of what aliens would be like.

thoroughly recommend this.
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New CSL front page live now. Hooray!

Tthe first one in the 2005/2006 season will be on Tuesday 30th, by Jack Cohen, co-author of the Science of Discworld books, and will apparently be about what aliens would really be like.
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spending tonight in! first such night for far too long. have already sorted out last few twiddlings to my new magical DB-driven frontpage for the Cafe Scientifique Leicester web page, which should launch soon, in time for the start of the season.

i'm not really a web design person (as you may have noticed from and, which are characterised by their basicness, or rather understatedness ;), so has been tricky figuring out how to use CSS properly and suchforth. but replicating the vague look of the paper fliers gave me a decent target.
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if "anteater" had been accepted as an egg-bearing mammal, (the full common name is "spiny anteaters", the only accepted answer was "echidnas"), and "Indian" had been accepted for the originators of zero instead of "Arabic", our team (me, [ profile] drjane, [ profile] vjbseven, [ profile] lost_species and [ profile] digivamp) would have won. tch.

but took away two prizes for the team anyway, so blah.

it is Leicester Pride on Saturday. I thoroughly encourage all and sundry to attend, whether or not you be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or straight or other, and whether you are particularly proud of that or not. Is basically excuse for party in Victoria Park, which surely must be encouraged for whatever reason.
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pub quiz at Cafe Scientifique tomorrow evening. should be good. everyone come!
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so. Cafe Scientifique quite good. The speaker thinks it plain that Balrogs do not have wings from the text (good man), and also he in his books demonstrates that they cannot possibly have them.

Hitchhiker's interesting. They have, I think, spent too much time with Arthur's oracle-finding. Hard to see how they are going to fit the rest in in just another two episodes. We'll see. Grebulon stuff wonderful.
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Cafe Scientifique this evening - this time is The Science of Middle Earth, given by Henry Gee, an editor for Nature. Did a bit of usenet searching and it seems he (a) knows his stuff about science, (b) knows his stuff about Tolkien and (c) is a good speaker. Not clear what he'll be talking about, but it apparently might include what Mithril could be, Hobbits vs those skeletons they found in Flores, and whether Balrogs have wings (and if so can they fly?).

Balrogs: do they have wings? )
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Decay of the Dead tomorrow.

Must go to some of the Pride pre-events this year. Some of the films from the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival tour look quite interesting.

Spear of Destiny are playing the Charlotte on Wednesday. I know nothing about them other than that they are possibly named after a historical artefact, depending, as with so much else, on your definitions.
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quiet day today. but won't be in a couple of days time.

Tomorrow is new light on mediƦval peasants.
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good day at work today, marred by the headache. now going to the talk about teeth.
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Answer appears to be that the jury is still out. Apparently all studies so far have been looking at "male homosexuals" (read: bisexuals). I guess the idea that females might have sexual behaviour of their own isn't fashionable...
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Sexy Genes this evening, apparently.
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Well, apparently Ball Lightning is still mysterious. But we go to see some cool arc things, and a Tesla Coil. Two people from work came, so my flyering is clearly having some effect.


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