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[ profile] nmg has kindly picked seven interests for me to explain. if you want me to do you (or have other questions?), comment.

avoiding learning finnish, chroming the moon, socratic irony, incongruous furniture, conlangs, pretending to be welsh, bleeding ears )
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well, that was a lot of effort to go to just to get a new userpic. ;)
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news from google regarding the LJ indexing thingy.


Jul. 12th, 2005 05:33 pm
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i've just spent a productive afternoon tagging everything.
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the Calvin and Hobbes feed ([ profile] calnhobbes) has been suspended! :(
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shiny new icon. meaning my 3 userpictures are now red, blue and green. primary colour morwen!

finally watched But I'm A Cheerleader this evening. very funny and quite touching film. end of review.
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Mostly recovered from saturday now. CD-shopping: got Bleed Like Me by Garbage, and whatever the new Fischerspooner album is called. Growing Teeth tomorrow. Randomly met Jeremy in town, I am told he may be coming. Apparently is in side-gallery this time not main part, but still a bar.

Wondering who [ profile] xomgwtfbbqx is - created yesterday and they have friended about 450 people, including some people I know from IRC, and some Gnome people. Hmm.
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crikey, a lot of people i know suddenly are getting livejournals. soon I expect i will not know anyone without one. say hello to [ profile] sannse and [ profile] beastofargh (Bey/Dave)!
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I really needed that week off. And I also really need this week off! Too bad. Oxford visit good, if only for being introduced to Dark Angel. :) Damn, more DVDs to buy (if I ever finish watching, um, Angel). Bath visit also good - random beers at the beer festival. Saturday was spent visiting Brean Down (I did manage to climb to the top bit, and far enough along to be able to see Steep Holm, but it quite exhausted me. At least I am getting a bit of exercise these days. Managed to lose nearly a stone since my birthday, through the revolutionary Not Snacking And Walking To Town Instead Of Using The Bus diet.) Saturday night was Entropy, which was quite fun, at least until my headache decided to ruin matters.

In other news, I have new glasses. They are quite a departure in style from my old ones, but I seem to be able to get away with them, so blah.

Is it me or has the posting interface changed?


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