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Swiss Centre construction site 2009-01-07
Swiss Centre construction site 2009-01-07
Haven't posted a Swiss Centre picture for a while. It finished demolition some months ago, and has now entered the construction phase. There are two large blue cranes on site (you can see the bases of them in frame).

Today's new arrival is the upright grey thing in between them. We're not quite sure what it is. They got it a certain amount of assembled and then seem to have taken it apart again, so presumably they are Doing It Wrong. The truck at the bottom has the remainder of it.

We suspect it may be a concrete pourer - any ideas?

(apologies for the very poor shot, on cameraphone and it is VERY COLD on the roof)

Because the building is now not there any more, and it's winter and some of the trees are out of the way, we've noticed we can see the Natwest Tower and the Gherkin from the top floor. I managed to see quite a few more city towers from the roof but didn't stop to identify them.
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Uploaded a rough version of the Swiss Centre demolition timelapse to youtube

direct link

It looked a lot better before it went through youtube! I have a 5 MB .mov file which I will see about putting somewhere.
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This afternoon, a giant dragon robot is eating the Swiss Centre. It apparently likes to chomp on steel-reinforced concrete. This is very exciting.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

It was furiously attacking the building all afternoon, causing severe vibration in our building on the opposite side of the road. It ate quite a lot.

pictures of the building in various states of destruction
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swiss centre demolition has properly started. they've got rid of the cooling tower on the lower roof (the building is a three storey or so long building, with a skyscraper poking out of part of it), in bits, with their giant crane. they also used their giant crane to move a JCB onto the roof, which was today hacking at concrete. maybe the JCB will cut a big circle in the concrete and then fall inside the building?

yet they still sell tickets out of it.
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the chimey thing failed to go off yesterday. several times. hurrah!

visited parents at weekend. mapped thurnby, bushby and scraptoft to more-or-less completion. also, bit of evington. linky

have been doing some piecing together of evidence regarding the history of the roads. boring )

there was a woman on the tube this morning reading tuesday's horoscope. i was trying to decide whether this is more or less silly than reading today's.


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