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So, London 2012 have a ridiculous and anti-web TOS that purports to forbid image links, links using their logo or the Olympic logo, or portraying them in a derogatory fashion. I wondered how many of these things I could violate in a single link. Thus I present the following link (using an image nicked off the internet from 2007 by someone who had cheekily got the BBC to run it on their website as an alternate logo):

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Was explaining how figuring out full dependency information in a system where you can run arbitrary code is hard to the point of impossibility. Think it is best summed up with this image, what I made in gimp.

Beneath it should of course be a proof of the undecidability of the halting problem.
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I didn't do this. My colleague did. I hope you understand the dangers of exposing your children to this entity now.

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I have started writing a description of the boundary of Greater London in iambic pentameter.

Uxbridge is where our Journey will Begin;
where Oxford Road does bridge the River Colne;
our Boundary does chase the Torrent north;
til Hertfordshire we touch, and then go East

i may have gone a little crazy.

you see, someone asked on IRC to what extent were we allowed to use official government maps which actually define boundaries. and i said, no, you can't. but you can use the prose descriptions attached to them. and then i said that, come to think of it, you could use verse descriptions attached to them, as well, were there any.
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lighting and cameraphone didn't interact so well, but there you go. thanks to [ profile] psych0naut and [ profile] ewtikins and whoever else was playing for their patience.
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found this on boingboing: the laugh-out-loud cats, a comic strip from the early 20th century.
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me and [ profile] grim_tim and [ profile] drjane invented a new word at the weekend. it is "trichoequilibrium" and as of writing this it has no google hits. the word means: the natural length your hair will remain at if you don't have it cut.

as an example of usage, if you have fast growing, strong, or persistent hair, you will end up with a longer trichoequilibrium point than folks who don't.

(i just read a latin textbook, can you tell? 18 books this year, by the way, i hope to have all 50 done by the end of summer! more if graphic novels count.)
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hammerspacetime theory, unifying the concepts of hammerspace and hammertime. ideas anyone?
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the radio just informed me that there is a national society for people who hear voices. i wonder if the voices have a society as well.
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I deem it very appropriate that a planetoidy thing which people argued so much about has been named after the Our Lady Eris, the godess of strife.
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on my way to covent garden to buy green tights for b-movie, i was accosted by a chugger for Friends of the Earth. i was in somewhat of a hurry, but didn't really feel like ignoring him, so when he greeted me, i informed him that i could not join his organisation because i was already a member of Destroy the Earth, and it was against our constitution to join friends of the earth. he asked what Destroy the Earth does. i told him. he asked how. i said it was unclear but paving it all had been suggested. I did not tell him about the plan to chrome the moon. he wished me good luck and I left.
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someone turned my news story in an audio! hurrah! complete with dodgy cockney accent!
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England shocked by occurrence of summer for 21st year in a row : With temperatures in the mid-30s, the inhabitants of England have been expressing their profound shock at the recent spell of hot weather, which according to Met Office records is part of an annual pattern of hot weather between the more normal English seasons of spring and autumn.
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i received my first bit of post in london today. it is a poster of Lordi, and was kindly sent to me by [ profile] elfbiter all the way from Tampere. hurrah!
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27! thanks all.

rather anticlimatic today after the weekend. i suppose i am now officially in my late 20s. eek. may go buy myself a present tuesday.

today's uncyclopedia roundup consists of : Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip featuring philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes (not mine), Sixth International ([ profile] warofdreams) and finally my Gilbert and Sullivan Islands (this has been stewing in my brane for a long time, I find it very hard to think of the real Gilbert and Ellice Islands without the name popping into mind)

do people want to attempt the music quiz tomorrow?
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oh dear. i seem to have spent most of my evening inventing a bad american action/adventure show, That's My Dick, featuring Dick Cheney as a fugitive president, looking for an evil fruit machine and getting involved in random 45 minute long plotlines in various locations. someone drew me a nice poster, though.
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(context is here)

yes. there is only one wasp. possibly i could copy and paste this one in various sizes. or not.

I think I'll pretend to go to bed now. (but instead read until i do get tired)
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on a lighter note, here is a picture i took whilst i was in Sheffield.

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anti-joke )

oh, and i appear to have managed to attach woolyhair to my head in a vaguely acceptable manner (you can probably see the real hair looking at it from odd angles, i clearly need more mirrors or maybe a cctv system for checking. or i could dye it black and then it wouldn't matter so much.). off to intelekt in a little while.
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In Soviet Georgia )

Oh, and happy Star Wars Day!


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