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for the attention of all: i have invented a new swear word today. it is CANK. please discuss what it should mean.

apart from my invention of a swear word, it has been a long day. went to opticians for an eye test : they should have some contact lenses for me to try next week. i am rather nervous about this, especially considering how i was when they needed to put eyedrops in my eye to check my eyeball curvature. but we'll see.

after this met up with [ profile] vjbseven. after a brief shopping expedition, we hung around at my flat, watched stuff on dvds and computer. and i cooked scones! [ profile] zub (my brother) arrived one or possibly two minutes after 4pm but oh well. the scones were very nice and only one of them came out even slightly mutant. i shall do this for real at some point: thanks to people for beta-testing my baking. i shall try cakes next.

very tired now. tomorrow I am going to manchester for the weekend. [ profile] saintmaryuk and folks : if you want to meet up give me a text or something. :) [ do i know anyone else in manchester? ]
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Cafe Scientifique was very good.

I have my old glasses back now, repaired. Despite the fact that these and the spares had exactly the same prescription, everything (well, my monitor) now looks tiny. Curious.

Is anyone in Leicester at the weekend? It seems everyone is off places, either Whitby or just anywhere that isn't Leicester.
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I really needed that week off. And I also really need this week off! Too bad. Oxford visit good, if only for being introduced to Dark Angel. :) Damn, more DVDs to buy (if I ever finish watching, um, Angel). Bath visit also good - random beers at the beer festival. Saturday was spent visiting Brean Down (I did manage to climb to the top bit, and far enough along to be able to see Steep Holm, but it quite exhausted me. At least I am getting a bit of exercise these days. Managed to lose nearly a stone since my birthday, through the revolutionary Not Snacking And Walking To Town Instead Of Using The Bus diet.) Saturday night was Entropy, which was quite fun, at least until my headache decided to ruin matters.

In other news, I have new glasses. They are quite a departure in style from my old ones, but I seem to be able to get away with them, so blah.

Is it me or has the posting interface changed?
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Today, I had an eyetest. (I suffer from fairly severe myopia). My eyes have changed significantly since I last had one (my left eye needs a slightly less strong lens, but my right eye needs a stronger one). Wierd.

New glasses therefore ordered, at a price of GBP 133. (About $200). It doesn't seem fair to me that, through no fault of my own, I have to pay opticians money in order to read. I'm sure universtal coverage of lenses on the NHS would be a vote-winning thing to put on a manifesto, and not too expensive either.


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