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Does anyone fancy coming along to these things? I bought extra tickets on the basis I would try and persuade friends to come along with me. So, friends, what do you say?

  • Saturday September 14th, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Live tour, at the Hackney Empire; most of the original surviving cast; it was awesome last year; I booked 4 and still have a spare ticket - £25. all gone
  • Tuesday November 5th, Art Brut at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. Art Brut were difficult enough for me to explain in 2005, when I first saw them (three times in a year!): see their early singles Formed A Band and Emily Kane. I have a spare ticket.
  • Sunday, November 17th. Toby Hadoke performs a double-bill of his two Doctor Who one-man shows "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf" and "My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver" at the Garrick. I have a spare ticket. gone

Nobody likes Art Brut? What is wrong with you all? :-(


Apr. 11th, 2012 05:39 pm
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  • Enjoyed the program.
  • Managed to get a really nasty migraine on Friday evening. This was probably partly because of travelling Friday morning and then not eating properly before going to panels. Attending a panel in Room 41 (really hot and sticky room) also didn't help.
  • Bit socially weird. Really did not know very many people there, and the people I did were generally flitting between things and being busy. People I didn't know all seemed busy talking to people I also didn't know. This led to not an entirely positive social experience. Thankfully, [ profile] squirmelia, [ profile] hazyjayne and [ profile] damerell were around for much of it, which kept me sane.
  • Despite this, I've signed up for EightSquaredCon.
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Considering going to Vagabonds this evening. Anyone else going?
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pub this evening?
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Had a very entertaining weekend. [ profile] wildeabandon's birthday party on Friday was great and it was nice to meet lots of shiny people. Somehow managed to drag myself out on Saturday evening to get to Vagabonds, which was fantastic, and I will definitely go again. (This is only the 2nd time I have been clubbing this year, which, when you consider that 2 or 3 years ago I seemed to be out most weekends, is not very much. I blame the headaches). Pub Sunday, think I got to bed by 1am.

Who ordered this weather? Can we get them to take it back?
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Weekend was good, and life is looking up. :)

[ profile] karen2205's picnic in Cambridge in Saturday was a success, and people seemed to eat my flapjacks.

Horrible headache this morning was displaced by drugs. Some inconsiderate people were having a music festival in Finsbury Park, which didn't help, as all I could hear in any room of the flat was a dull boom boom boom. So I started listening to complicated-textured metal and that seemed to make it go away. Headaches are strange, sometimes.

Then went to pub this afternoon. At first it was just me and [ profile] psych0naut, but then [ profile] nyecamden and [ profile] aster13, followed by [ profile] shevek and then a surprise afpmeet, and then a [ profile] ali_in_london and a [ profile] khalinche (not forgetting all the people i'm forgetting, of course). so the evening was full of beer and talking and otherwise enjoyably interacting with nice people.

bedtime for abi now.
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picnic went very well, i think. perfect weather for it; my headache mostly stayed away; the baking worked out; enough food for 21 people and a ferret and some left over. yay!

thanks to everyone for coming. :)
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Pembury this evening for me. I am going to Leicester on Monday, and will not return to London for a week.
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[ profile] vjbseven is here and will be until Sunday morning. I am planning on taking her to the Pembury Friday evening to play Carcassone and drink beer. Please join us for increased merriment.
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I'm off to the pub for the afternoon. Beer. Food. Peoples. Games. Come!
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Sunday afternoon I dragged myself to Hendon along with some of the food from the party for [ profile] ewtikins' emergency picnic. We ate food and chatted. And we got a horn demonstration! Was fun, even if it did involve going out to the wilds of zone 4. Then we rickrolled a squirrel.

Following this I popped back home to pick up games and comics and then to the Pembury, despite being kind of tired. I am glad I did, as the company was excellent.

This evening [ profile] ruthi and [ profile] ewtikins and [ profile] hairyears came and consumed pease.

As I am now satisfied with my mastery of the art of sponge-cake-baking I am going to try for shortbread and flapjacks. I have the recipes my mother uses. Any recommendations?

Tired now. Maybe bedtime.
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no really, I have

Seem to have discovered twitter. Username same as here.

Did good bit more of Belgrave on Wednesday, followed by lots of the West End on Thursday. On Friday I met up with [ profile] eldritchreality for a late lunch, then with [ profile] riak in the evening at firebug. where we were randomly joined by [ profile] djlostbot and [ profile] beltainethecat's pet human and a couple of their friends. Alcoholic beverages were consumed.

On Saturday [ profile] ioannab and I went to Market Harborough and back via some very odd routes, trying to trace National Cycle Network route 6 and 64. The routes were quite low-traffic but insanely hilly. These should appear on the cycle map sometime later this week. Also, we saw lots of horses.

back from Leicester on Sunday, along the usually freight-only Oakham to Kettering Line. Since it was a class 222 with its evil anti-signal windows, I failed to get a GPS trace. Didn't bring bicycle to London in end, I had too much other luggage. May keep bicycle in Leicester until I have finished mapping it.

Pembury on Sunday was not bad. I sorted the Carcassonne tiles out for the expansions from the base set, and then we (me, [ profile] timeplease, [ profile] elise, [ profile] aquarionical) had an actual game of normal Carcassone for the first time in ages. Tiles are now marked on the back so this problem will not arise again. Still need to sort out the Traders and Builders and King and Scout tiles from each other.

[ profile] aquarionical brought along Risk Express, which was indeed less tedious than Risk (in fact, it seems to be a different game that has then had some of the same names for things added to it) but also seemed to even less skill (possibly I am only saying this because I lost).
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No Country For Old Men, which we saw Friday, didn't really do much for me. There were several elements I found odd - for a film about Tommy Lee Jones's character, he didn't seem to have much screentime, and some bits in the Moss/Chigurgh plot I found confusing and frankly the police seemed curiously passive about the entire thing - especially given the identity of the victim of the first on-screen killing. Glad I saw it, though. 6/10. Others in office rated it from 5/10 to 9/10.

busy weekend. I have decided to do more random things, and consequently went with [ profile] shermarama to see Wigan play Quins RL at Twickenham on Saturday. The game was a little dull at first, but got more interesting in the second half as Wigan improved. Naturally, all this action was at the other end of the stadium from us, but eh. First League match I've ever been to see, first sporting event in maybe 5 years. [ profile] aquarionical's party followed in the evening. Guitar Hero III was present, which I failed at.

on Sunday, having decided that my flat doesn't burn down nearly enough, i bought an immersion fryer and some potatoes and a potato peeler. resulting chips were not very good. need to play with timings and heat level and potato type to determine optimum chip-making conditions.
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is anyone likely to be at the pembury this evening?
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This business with going to the Pembury on Sundays to play board games has been going on quite a while now. In fact, it is very nearly a year, since people were first summoned to play War on Terror on a Sunday afternoon.

I am therefore unilaterally declaring this Sunday's board games to be the First Anniversary Board Game Sunday, from around 6pm. Please to come along, especially if you have not yet done so. We will likely play War on Terror, and many other games also. Carcassonne has been popular lately, as has Penultima. I quite fancy playing Zendo and Settlers of Catan.

Pub address here, list of games.
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[ profile] fluffymark and [ profile] antipodienne came round last night and we drank gin and watched dvds and listened to strange music and this was all good.

today i continued my solo circumnavigation of the london borough of hackney. i picked up the segment of the Islington/Hackney border down to old street that i'd missed; then walked along the border down to Sun Street, where it meets the City. The Hackney/Tower Hamlets border was quite tricky in comparison: especially confusing bits were the course in the Shoreditch High Street/Commercial Street/Bethal Green Road, what it does around Haggerston Park, and also at Hackney Wick. But hopefully my deductions aren't too wrong.

the remaining section is the border with Haringey, east from Manor House, then south down the Lee to Hackney Wick again.
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this evening i went to a céilidh with [ profile] antipodienne, [ profile] doseybat and [ profile] fluffymark, which was fun, except for the bit where i got rotated too fast resting on two people's shoulders, with my feet in the air. but much enjoyed it overall.

tomorrow i think i am going to try to map my local area, brownswood park (yes, it turns out to actually have a name!), and then maybe down to highbury.
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weekend was cool. [ profile] squirmelia's party on saturday, followed by an adjournment to feeling gloomy. note to self in future, though: either get drunk beforehand or like carling.

then, board games on sunday. i co-won War on Terror as the Terrorists, with [ profile] timeplease and [ profile] fluffymormegil, and then mostly sat the games out for the rest of the evening, reading and doing the cryptic crossword from thelondonpaper. i like this crossword because it makes me feel clever : possibly the paper's sole redeeming feature. (the Metro's is Nemi, I have yet to see a point to The London Lite).

i am reading The Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft. it is nice, but it doesn't scare me! :( i mean, ok, perhaps this has a little to do with the plushie cthulhu which is downstairs and the gradual desensitation of people to horror fiction in the last 80 years, but still. the anthology is a little weighty to read all at once, so i'm lining up The Demolished Man as next read after this novella.

random reviews of things )

but now i am tired and i should go to bed for i have to be up early tomorrow for a trip to hertfordshire.
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[ profile] _lostinthecity has decided to move out at the end of February to be closer to work. thus myself and [ profile] notajeep are looking for a new person to live with us. near seven sisters tube, is big room, 490 pcm. could also reshuffle so i take that one and new person gets smaller room (which is 415). anyone interested/know anyone who is interested? spread the word!

Dead & Buried on Friday; which was OK, but didn't dance much. This may be related to the fact my left knee has been hurting when I place weight on it for a number of days. Ouch.

Over halfway through Illuminatus!. I can see the fnords! Has anyone published annotations to this, I wonder?


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